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My First Attempt at a Lime Poke Cake

Poke CakeI’ve done pudding mix with cake.

I’ve done cake mix with diet soda. That was all the rage in the early 2000s when I was on Weight Watchers.

I’ve done the cake mix with the can of fruit. Also, all the rage when I did Weight Watchers.

I have no idea why I have never attempted a poke cake. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I honestly hate making cakes because husband doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth and kiddo is only here two days. What am I supposed to do with a whole cake? I have been buying those little Jiffy cake mixes because they make just enough for us to have a treat and I can get them for 25 cents and the clearance outlet I shop at. Since we don’t eat cake a lot, I don’t mind having a few of these on hand for a special dessert.

In my honest effort to try to make something green for Irish-American Heritage Month I thought making a poke cake would be a good idea. When it came to uploading the recipes, I had more than enough traditional Irish recipes that I did not have to worry about anything green themed. Since I used lime gelatin for the filling and a white cake, I felt the colors could still be used for Easter or Spring celebrations. I did the same thing with my Mint Oreo Loaf. Made it because it was green, ended up saving it for that very purpose.

poke cake batter

I made the cake batter following the box instructions (gasp, I know, boxed cakes. I don’t make cake often. Sometimes its a box cake. *shrugs*)

I am no stranger to sharing my less than stellar recipes. This poke cake would have turned out fine if I didn’t use the end of a giant wooden spoon AND let the cake cool a little longer. When I stuck the end of the spoon in the cake, the cake stuck. It was done. I checked it with a knife. And it was perfectly done, too. I was rather happy that for once my oven didn’t defeat me. Since the cake stuck and I pulled it off the spoon, my husband felt the need to try to put those pieces back in there. In doing so, he made the holes even bigger.

poke cake big holes

So, my poke holes were rather large and I didn’t have enough gelatin to fill them.  I followed the traditional gelatin directions but only used 1/2 the amount of cold water per all the poke cakes circling around Pinterest.

big holes lime poke cake

I wasn’t planning on making frosting or using a pudding topping, just using some simple whipped cream so the dish would be nice and light.

That didn’t happen. I had some leftover light green butter cream frosting leftover from our shamrock cookies, so I thawed that, blended it and used that for my cake topping.

Crisis averted.

poke cake lime green butter frosting

It turned out wonderful, despite not looking so pretty.


Really light and fluffy.

Have you ever made a poke cake? How did it turn out?

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  1. Your post made me giggle a little…your hubby making the holes bigger…hehehe. Don’t you love it when they try to help out 🙂 Thanks for sharing your cake adventure on The Yuck Stops Here! recipe link up.

  2. That’s a shame that the help ending up causing poblems. Glad you found a solution. Frankly I like reading realistic blogs that don’t always mke it seem it all works out.

    1. I always try to make it work somehow. My cooking skills aren’t that great, especially in the baking department. I have a tendency to overthink and my old oven doesn’t cooperate too well.

  3. I have made a poke cake too with a cake mix. We love it. I think we pour caramel topping over it and top with coolwhip and broken up heath candy bars, or something like that. Thanks for linking up with last week’s Tasty Tuesday’s Link-up. I have pinned your post to the Tasty’s Tuesday’s Pinterest Board!

  4. I have never made a poke cake! But I do have plenty of baking disasters. Big ones like forgetting eggs, or sugar, or just plaining burning it. It’s nice when you can come up with a way to “fix” it! Thanks so much for linking it up with us at Foodie Fridays!

    1. I’m just not much of a baker. I think that went to my aunt and cousin. My mom baked, but she had certain things she baked all the time, like her salad dressing cake with homemade fudge frosting. She never got super fancy and they were recipes passed down from her grandmother. I can make that stuff just fine, but when it comes to more modern recipes, I flub them somehow. I am also bad about following recipes because I like to create so much. But, thats how we learn!

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