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Wing Master Garlic Parmesan Hot Wings

wingmaster wingsBack in September the husband and I traveled to Niagara Falls; the Canadian side.

During our time there we stopped at this awesome sauce shop called The Pepper Palace. We had a great time in there and can’t thank Chris enough for his hospitality. While there we purchased some Canadian Heat hot sauce which helped me to produce the “Melt-Your-Face-Off Meatloaf” and “Cast Iron ‘Canadian Heat’ Steak.” We also purchased some Wing Master Garlic Parmesan wing sauce. It has taken me this long to finally buy some wings and actually try this sauce out.

pepper palaceWe didn’t do anything special to these wings other than twice-bake them. We bake them plain for the required time. This gives them a nice crispy outer layer without the need for deep-frying. Then we coat with the wing sauce and bake again for another 10 minutes or so.

wingmaster buffalo wingsThe sauce was pretty good. It had the nice buffalo kick along with some garlic zing paired with a nice Parmesan cream taste.  Although we prefer to make our own buffalo sauce, this provided us with a different alternative. We’ve tried a lot of buffalo sauces and haven’t really found one we are too fond of, but this one was pretty good. It was like Buffalo Wild Wings Parmesan sauce mixed with their mild sauce.

The Pepper Palace has wing stores all across the USA. If you have one in your area, this sauce is well worth checking out.



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  1. Those look really good! Believe it or not, I’ve never tried buffalo sauce, but those look so good I just might have to now.

    1. I am not the biggest fan of buffalo sauces. Most of them the flavor is always a bit off. So, we just make our own with Franks Red Hot as the base. The place we went in Niagara, Pepper Palace, was a lot of fun and they have samples out of so many products. We were able to sample this before we bought it, which really helped.

  2. Chyrstal,
    While I’m not a huge fan of Buffalo Chicken Wings, (or hot wings in this case), after reading the description in your post however, I have to say, these do sound really good. I may have to break down and try something like these. Thanks for the tasty post…..

    1. You are welcome. It’s funny how a few years ago the thought of eating chicken wings really grossed me out. Then I discovered the boneless variety. Not long after I tried bone-in. I prefer boneless unless I can make wings on my own at home. I have a really weird texture issue with chicken.

  3. These look great! My husband is a huge fan of wings and especially wings with some kick to them. I will have to see if I can get that pepper sauce and make some for him.

  4. Those look delicious! Thank you for linking up at Creative K Kids Tast Tuesdays. I have linked your post up to the Tasty Tuesdays Pinterest board.

    1. Hi Ed!
      Thanks so much for stopping by.
      For the Wing Master Garlic Parmesan Hot Wings we did not combine the two sauces. I just reused a photo that I took when we were in Canada of both the sauces.
      For our wings, I believe it was a 3lb package and we ended up using the whole bottle.
      Hope that helps.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. It does help. Planning on driving up to
        Canada, 4 hour trip from Pittsburgh. Thanks again and have a great week-end.

        1. No problem! You can also email me at yum@yumeating.com if you need any help with anything.
          I do know Pepper Palace, where we got those, has an online shop and stores across America. Their Canadian Heat comes in a variety for each state. For example, mine is Michigan Heat. I know that Wingmaster sauce is available at select retailers, too. But, if you ever get to Niagara Falls, CAN, Chris at the Pepper Palace there is extremely knowledgeable and we spent quite a few hours in there talking and sampling.

  5. Because we are weird, we only eat chicken tenders. No one in our house likes it off the bone, so as awesome as this sounds, it would have to be on boneless chicken for me 🙂

    1. I hope you enjoy them. I have been on a sriracha kick lately. I keep telling my husband I need to create some new recipes using that as my main ingredient.

  6. I am not a hot sauce person. hubs will put it on EVERYTHING. I’m not kidding, He will eat it on Chinese, soup, Mexican, breakfast, pizza, spaghetti. He’s nuts

  7. Omg… Wings are hubby & I’s favorite and ahhh… I want your wings so bad!!! They look beyond delicious 🙂

  8. I would love this but I am so wasteful with wings. Bones freak me out and so I usually only take a bit or two! My husband would LOVE this though!

  9. I don’t like anything spicy at all but my husband is. He loves hot wings! But I like garlic and parmesan.

  10. What a great snack idea for Superbowl Sunday! These wing’s look delicious and I’m going to try these with different spices and fruit, since I’m clean eating.

  11. These have my mouth watering! My husband loves the ones at Buffalo Wild wings, so I should try to make these and see how they turn out.

  12. How did I miss that on my trip to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls? Just kidding… Those look very delicious and perfect for a cold night.

  13. These wings are super saucy, i really like it that way. I’m not really a fan of hot wings though, unless I’m drinking, then for whatever reason I love hot wings.

  14. Yum! Those look finger-licking, and the description of creamy parmesan and garlic… those are two of my fav ingredients. So I’m sure if I was there, I’d be a fan of your wings. 😉 Will keep an eye out for the sauce!


  15. Oh wow…that first image just instantly made me hungry. My Dad is really into collecting and experimenting with different hot sauces from different places…you just reminded me of that. I really like Garlic Parm flavored wings.

  16. I love chicken. I love hot wings and I love any garlic parmesan. I will def try and see if I can pick up this sauce. It seems to be something that my family and I will love.

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