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Waffle Maker Cinnamon Rolls

Waffle Cinnamon Rolls | YUM eatingOops! I did it again. I pinned it, tried it, failed at it. lol I got a new waffle maker for Christmas. I still to this day don’t remember what happened to my old one. Neither does Mr. Yum, so we are convinced someone stole it. 😉 Sometimes when I get bored I look to see whats new in Pinterest land. Now I know that most of that stuff on Pinterest has been made and practiced by the originator multiple times before they stage and take their photos. I know that drill. So, when I see things that look good, I take that with a grain of salt knowing the time of work they probably put in to it.

These cinnamon roll waffles are certainly frugal friendly. I think my can was less than $2 and it provided us all with breakfast.

That’s a lie. I could have provided us all with breakfast. I didn’t share.

That said, who would think that buying a can of cinnamon rolls from my grocer and then popping them in to my greased up waffle maker be all that difficult?

Certainly not me. Once I decided that I was going to make them and get off Pinterest, I settled on this recipe from Tablespoon because the recipe creations used a small round waffle maker similar to mine. Then I pondered over this recipe from Little Bit Funky because she made three at a time instead of one. Seemed like a lot less work for me. Both of these I found on Pinterest.

Now, click the links, go check out how pretty theirs turned out.

Mine turned out nothing like that.

tagged cinnamon rolls on waffle iron

Part of it could be my fault. I stood right there watching the cinnamon roll waffles, but they still got a little brown. However, I did not like the way the three placed together turned out and I had an odd number in my can anyway, so I did the rest of them single. They still turned out a bit brown.

I still put the icing on them and I still ate them. #nomnom

I would make these again for breakfast or a special treat. This time, I’ll keep my eye on them a little harder and not let them cook quite as long.

 Feel free to share some of your eats that you tried recently that didn’t look so good, but tasted wonderful!



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  1. Mine would look exactly like yours did – mine never turn out as perfect as the ones I see on other people’s pages or on Pinterest. But I’m sure they still tasted yummy!

  2. I actually have 2 waffle makers in my cupboard. We use to have a big breakfast for our families. Now, I hardly ever use them. After seeing these, I want to get them out and try it.

    1. I found a cookbook that is all about using your waffle maker. When I was younger my mom has this sandwich maker that made them like hot pockets, we were always experimenting. I purchased one so I could relive those memories with kiddo.

  3. What a cool idea!! I love that you can make them so quickly!! Sorry they didn’t turn out, but I truly think you are on to something!

  4. Cinnamon rolls are my weakness. I have to pull myself away from them at the mall. I can’t wait to try yours. The waffle iron better get ready!

  5. Oh wow. This looks so good. I’ve never made homemade waffles. I love the icing and I love anything with cinnamon so they look amazing to me!

  6. They may not be pretty but they sure look good! We actually use our waffle maker quite often so surprising the kids with a treat like this would be really special.

  7. I’ve seen recipes like these on Pinterest!! I have also seen brownies and hash browns in the waffle maker, I need to buy a waffle maker!!

  8. Well, I never even thought to use my waffle maker for cinnamon rolls. Now I am adding cinnamon rolls to my grocery list to give this a try this week!

  9. Haha neat idea to save some time! 😛
    My husband’s spoiled now though and he won’t eat these.. MEANWHILE that’s ALL he ever had for baked goods before we got together. He’s 30lbs heavier now…. wonder why :S
    #chubbyhubby #lovesfood #deliciouscinnabons

  10. I could see myself making these as a midnight snack with regular frozen waffles lol. We don’t even own a waffler maker or most grown up appliances yet. I love those cinnamon buns from the refrigerator too, and these remind me off those except fancier. Yum!!

  11. My daughter loves cinnamon rolls and she loves waffles too. I bet she’d be really happy to have these.

  12. This is such a fantastic idea, I can’t believe I didn’t think to do it before ha. I have a waffle maker collecting dust for months now and now I know what to do with it.

  13. I am tired of checking out pinterest and recreating so recipes which when I do when look anything like pinterest. The final product here looks yummy enough to be consumed

  14. We did this a couple of weekends ago and it was FANTASTIC!! The kids were over the moon about it and want to do it every weekend now! It was well worth it and delicious!

  15. My husband loves waffles (me too) and I love cinnamon rolls (he does, too)… this is a perfect marriage! Can’t wait to try them. As for Pinterest, I don’t usually try anything I see on Pinterest (I use it as inspiration or ideas, though) because mine would NEVER look as good as on Pinterest. 🙂

  16. Oh my goodness, aren’t these the best? I just love to make them on the weekend for my family! lol. And I mean for me. Because I think I eat most of them. lol.

  17. I love when people share their Pinterest experiences. I’ve seen this idea floating around out there and was skeptical. I’m guessing that more people have your results than you would think. I bet it still tasted good though!

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