Me and Tea

tea for meHere in Michigan summer is slowly fading away and the cooler weather is knocking on my door. That means I will be drinking more hot deal. Love my hot tea. I have more tea than one person should be legally allowed to own. Today I soaked my tea strainer and thought it made a lovely picture all shined up with great-grandma’s china.

I just wanted to share this beautiful photo. I feel the need to practice my food photography a bit more now that I have started YUM eating and I am overly excited to share those photos with you.

Are you a tea drinker? What flavors do you enjoy?

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    1. Thank you , it is very special to me. It belonged to my great grandmother, my grandmother, my aunt, and now me.

  1. Teavana jasmine dragon phoenix pearls green tea.. Well worth the money and keeps you warm and cozy in the winter months.

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