#atozchallenge I Miss Helium.com

I’m sad. 

One of my long time writing sites, Helium.com, closed and I miss it. 

I started writing for Helium in 2009. Back then it was a great place to write, full of writing mentors and programs to join. Then, the Marketplace started. That was a great thing happening at Helium because that meant a writer could get up-front payment for their work.

During my time at Helium I even sold a few articles to companies. It was an overall great experience for me. I looked forward to cashing out every month and having an extra amount of money added to my Paypal account. I never really thought of this as anything more than fun money. Other writing sites were my bill money, Helium allowed me to purchase fun things in life and spend on travel. 

I’m sad to see it go. When Helium changed their model, they lost a lot of writers and pageviews. My earnings decreased so significantly that I often wondered if it would be worth a return to have some fresh content. 

Guess I don’t have to worry about that now. I’ve downloaded all my content and removed it from their servers. I thought about cleaning it up and making it fresh and new. But, I think I am over content writing. Maybe I’ll just put it away for the memories. 

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