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Carob Chip Pancakes


I love it when I have leftovers and things already made. Then certain recipes are a breeze. These breakfast carob chip pancakes contain some leftover carob chips from the “Morselicious Sugar-Free Carob Chip Cookies.” You can easily substitute your favorite brand of chips. If carob was not on sale I would use a dark chocolate as these have the least amount of sugar.

This morning I took the “Sugar-Free Pancake Mix” and followed the recipe from the “Sugar-Free Homestyle Pancakes” adding 3/4 cup carob chips.

Kiddo wanted to help so I heated up the griddle and used coconut oil to grease it.

We didn’t use our “Perfectly Portioned Pancakes” this time. This time I just let her scoop out the batter.


Our griddle heats to 400 and I cook them until golden on both sides.  We get about 8 -10 pancakes depending on her pours.


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  1. Leftovers are the best thing ever. It makes my life a zillion times easier. Unfortunately with the way my boys eat, I rarely have them.

  2. My daughter is a carob fan. She loves the taste but it tastes like dark chocolate to me. I bet this are delicious!

  3. These look delicious! I’m so hungry right now. I wish I had a plate of them in front of me as I work.

  4. I have not made pan cakes in a long time. These look so delicious i will have to make some for breakfast tomorrow.

  5. I’m so in the mood for something different. This might just hit the spot, and I’ve never had pancakes with carob chips so that would be a nice change too. I don’t have carob chips though… and it’s too far of a drive into town, so I’ll have to wait.

  6. This looks delicious but I’d rather just use chocolate:) Seriously, I had a roommate from way back who I ended up hating and she loved eating carob chips and raisins.

  7. I’m not a pancake fan because of the texture. But I would love to adapt this to make waffles, I love carob.

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