Graze Box Flapjacks Make Life Better

december 2013graze boxIt’s my favorite time of the month! I love it when my Graze box arrives. I am sad to have to report though that all of my friend code have been used. But, that is ok because Graze boxes are only $6!  This is not a sponsored post. I am writing these posts because I think this company and their little treats are amazing.

Check out my October and November reviews.

If you have already read them then you know my pure joy and excitement when I opened my box to reveal FLAPJACKS!

I want an entire box full of flapjacks. I want to order a special box of them. I just want them. They are so yummy. Words can’t even describe.

This month I was given a nice variety of treats and flavors. Some of them me a little bit. But, I am a curious girl and I will try anything once.

This months flapjacks were Summer Berry flavor. These rustic rolled oats had a nice supply of cranberries in them. While I do enjoy cranberries, I am not normally a huge fan of them in dried form. I was a little worried that my happy dance would be short-lived. When I opened my Graze box the flapjacks were the first thing I peeled open.

Graze didn’t disappoint. These flapjacks were delightful and it took everything I had to stop at the first one.

It took me a few minutes to decide what to try next. A friend had texted me to tell me she received her box and she also had the My Thai which was sweet chili sauce with baked soy bites. The bakes soy bites looked like round tater tots. I wondered “how bad could they be?”

I carefully peeled back the plastic and gave it a good sniff.

Don’t judge. It’s what  I do. Don’t act like you don’t sniff anything.

The chili sauce smelled ok. The soy crisps smelled ok. I dipped my finger in the chili sauce. Yep, sweet. Nope. Wasn’t going to eat that. It’s just not my cup of tea. Other people may love it, but I don’t like sweet chili type sauces. I did eat the soy crisps even though they did not have much of a flavor. I felt they would have made a nice chip type snack with some cheese flavor sprinkles.

Next thing on the list were the Chili and Honey Almonds. I admit, this was weird for me. I made my announcement that my box had arrived and Sloan over at Graze had tweeted about the ‘envy.’ I expected these nuts to be pretty amazeballs then. Let me tell you, the flavor combination is, well, weird. I can’t describe it. I didn’t like it at first. But then I really started to chew and a different flavor point started to settle in. It was like a flavor explosion. Seriously. I started to like them. I went back and forth through the whole little package and decided that if they were going to send them to me again, I’d eat them.

Lastly I was sent some Key Lime Pie. No, no. It wasn’t an actual piece of pie. That would have been nice, but we’re talking healthy snack here people. This was a nice little snack made up of lime infused raisins, sponge pieces (little cookies), mini meringues, and green raisins. I liked this quite well. I enjoyed the mini meringues and sponge pieces the best. I like desserts, what can I say. I think the lime needed to come through a little more for me. I didn’t really taste a whole lot of it. It was still a nice treat. I wouldn’t mind trying this again.

Once my mission was complete I finished the other two flapjacks.

Have you tried Graze box yet? What are you waiting for? 

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  1. Hopefully you’ve noticed that Graze now lets you order a box of all Flapjacks — if you still subscribe, you’re as happy as I am!

  2. Was not happy at all graze is like snaking on little airline packets. You can get better at a 7/11. Shame on the not at all healthy …

    1. I am sorry you felt that way. But, in all fairness, the name Graze pretty much says it all. It’s only meant as a small snack. You can now get bigger packages. The snacks are actually pretty healthy and organic. You can find all the information in the nutrition label inside each pack and on the website. Minimal processing. Minimal chemicals. A lot of flavor combinations. I can’t find that at 7/11.

      It’s not for everyone, I guess. Sorry you didn’t enjoy it.

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