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T-Bone Steaks and Lobster

steak and lobster duoAre you sick of lobster and steak yet?

Well, I don’t know how you could be!

I was just scrolling through  my photos and realized I had forgotten to show you what they look liked paired together.

Delish, right?

Ok. Not really. I just wanted another change to talk about this wonderful food.


I also wanted to show you how we actually ate it.

steak and lobsterSo first I boiled the lobster and it was yumilicious. Then I made the husband his favorite t-bone steak in the cast iron skillet. He was even nice enough to give me a sample. I felt special. It was yumtastic (you see what I am doing here?) I tell you. I don’t like red meat much but I could totally see why he like it so much. As for me, I certainly enjoy the process of preparing it more than I enjoy eating it.

We ended up with a pretty nice meal.

The husband ate the steak and half of that giant potato. He also got a garlic onion roll.

I had the lobster with some butter and a roll. No steak and potato for me. We did have dessert so I knew not to eat a lot!

Are you a meat and potato person? Do you prefer steak or lobster? 

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