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Recipe Review: Chicken Teriyaki & Some Short Story Fiction

Inspired by this recipe- Chicken Teriyaki recipe on Mealime

These days, I am not here to food blog for profit. Those days of YUMeating are long gone. I am, however, here to food blog for fun. And by food blog, I will share some recipes I have tried and some not-so-fancy iPhone pics I took of that food. When I was super blogging for YUMeating, I read many books centered around cafes, restaurants, chefs, travel, and so many things food-related. I even reviewed a few of them.  

If you have been around here for any length of time, you know I am also a published author under a pen name

All of these things combined sent me on this path of writing some short stories centered around the recipes I am reviewing. Maybe someday folks will read my words again – I know that will take time, as I have been out of the blogging game for a while.  

We love the Mealime app. I paid for the PRO (for $3 a month; it was a steal!) but recently went on an unsubscribing spree, and since I didn’t really utilize the PRO features all that often, I decided to stop paying for it. One of the features I wanted was the ability to add recipes from the Internet, which would be added to the meal plan and grocery list. Sadly, for every recipe I tried to add, the format didn’t work on the app so the grocery list was never correct. 

The only difference in the recipe is that we used broccoli instead of bok choy and added green onions.  We’ve made this recipe a few times now – zero complaints. But, a fun tip for you is to try it with just a bit of creamy natural peanut butter. YUM!

A Taste of Serendipity

Once upon a time, in a quaint little town, there lived a woman named Emily who had a profound love for cooking. Her favorite dish to prepare was Chicken Teriyaki, a recipe she’d inherited from her grandmother. She would invite her friends to savor her culinary delights every Sunday.

One particular Sunday, as she was preparing the Chicken Teriyaki, she discovered an old, forgotten letter tucked inside a cookbook. It was a letter from her late grandmother, expressing her fond memories of preparing the dish together.

Touched by this unexpected find, Emily made the Chicken Teriyaki special that day. She meticulously followed her grandmother’s handwritten recipe, infusing it with all the love and nostalgia she felt. The aroma filled the kitchen, evoking memories of family gatherings and laughter.

As her friends arrived and the meal was served, Emily couldn’t help but share her discovery. The room was filled with stories of cherished family recipes, as everyone savored the Chicken Teriyaki. It was as if the dish had brought a piece of Emily’s grandmother back to life.

The day was spent in delightful conversation, as Emily and her friends exchanged stories, laughed, and shed a few tears. The Chicken Teriyaki became a symbol of the enduring connection between generations, a reminder that the most meaningful ingredients in life are love, memories, and the stories we share.

That day, Emily realized that her grandmother’s legacy wasn’t just a recipe; it was the power of food to bring people together, to bridge the past and the present, and to create lasting memories. And from that day forward, every time she prepared Chicken Teriyaki, she knew she was not just cooking; she was sharing a piece of her heart and her family’s history.

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