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Pizza Sketti

Pizza sketti. Cause, you know, that’s totally a word. #kidspeak

So, you  made the pizza pockets from Monday and now you are left with an open jar of sauce. Or, you have some leftover spaghetti. Maybe, you just want something new and fun to try! Things have changed a bit here on the YUM eating household. Kiddo is living here full-time since Mr. YUM now has full custody, so that means we’ve had to adjust our grocery budget a bit. While not a huge issue, we are having to go back to our roots a bit with making sure we don’t waste and find things that everyone will love. I’m certainly up for the challenge!

This recipe happened because:

  1. I had leftover sauce from the pizza pockets.
  2. I had leftover spaghetti from a weekend meal.
  3. The packet of pepperoni had been opened.
  4. I finally got around to shredding my block of cheese.
  5. I needed something quick.

When the semi mini-me starts glaring at me wondering if I’m going to stuff her belly any time soon, I go into #feedmeseymour mode.

No one likes a case of the hangries.

I warmed the spaghetti. (it’s Barilla plus. I’ve had a few folks ask me, I kept forgetting to tell you. We use the Plus because it has extra protein which makes it low glycemic. I have tried every variation of whole wheat and whole grain and while I don’t mind it, they don’t. And since regular pasta disturbs my PCOS, I wait for this to go on sale and buy a few boxes at a time. We are a family that does the best we can with the choices we have. 😉 )

Then I added the sauce and mixed it all up. Since the noodles were warm, they naturally warmed the sauce.

I topped that with some pepperoni sliced.

Then I added a bit more sauce and the cheese.

Popped it in the microwave again to melt the cheese.

Literally a 5 minute meal.


Do you have a super quick meal that is your go-to when the hangries rear their ugly head?

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  1. This looks and sounds yummy. Our quick and easy meal is Tacos. Thanks for the recipe I can’t wait to try it.

  2. Grilled cheese and Malts are my go to fast meals but your idea looks and sounds delicious! Will be trying that soon.

  3. Oh man. My kids would go nuts for this. It looks SO good. I haven’t ever tried something like this, or thought of it but its pretty brilliant. My kids love pizza and spaghetti why not put them together? Delicious!

  4. These quick “What do I have leftover?” meals always turn out great. I’m fairly certain I have all of the ingredients open & waiting to be used in my fridge right now.

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