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It’s Mushroom Overload! (Mini Pizza)

I <3 mushroom and onions
I <3 mushroom and onions

Mushrooms and Onions….mmmmmm
I think I could eat this every day. I just love the smell and taste. Goes on my steaks and chicken all the time! Easy way for me to get some added vegi’s in. But this time I cooked these up for a personal pizza.

These little pizzas are leftover from my Nutrsystem plan. However, Jeran made one a few weeks back using  pita for the dough.  Don’t you just love my not-so-fancy paper plate? (LOL)

We have
the dough
marinara sauce
(they were cooked with cooking spray – olive oil flavor)
2% cheese
salt , pepper and a dash of seasoning to taste.
Microwave for 30 seconds to warm the sauce and melt the cheese ( the vegi’s will do the rest)

I know Dollar General and $1 tree sell these little pizza kits for super cheap!

How do you prefer your homemade pizzas? 

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  1. There are lots of ways to mix it up and have a healthier pizza. My Mom still comes up, makes the dough and has pizza nights with the grandkids where they have all fresh veggies. It can be a really fun activity for the kids.

  2. lil m likes to make her own pizza too. I have found the small kits at dollar general so I pick up a few. I’ll buy the larger ones when I catch them on sale and then she can help me build each section for each person. I am really looking forward to putting in the garden this year since we decided to stay a little longer in the house.

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