Monster High Toy Review: Introduction

We are going to have a new series here on Nevermore Lane. Kiddo is going to take over and have her own series on toy reviews. We worked a little bit over the summer on unboxing and reviewing some of her new Monster High. I am happy to report that those videos have gone live. I am not sure if I am going to give her logins here to Nevermore Lane just yet. I think I will just have her write the posts and then I’ll copy here to the site and then use a different font.

I am hoping this video series will teach her about commitment and give her a boost to her self esteem. If you read a bit of YUM eating you know that we now have custodial rights custody of her and she lives here on a full time basis, although she will go to her moms on weekends if she wants. She’s been struggling a bit in school so my hope is that blogging will help her with reading, sentences structure, and her overall thought process for storytelling.  This will come in super handy when it comes time for oral presentations and she can have a little fun in the process.

So, this video to start out (as she is at school right now) is her introduction and then a few bloopers.

You’ll also see that she uses one name in one video and another name in another set of videos. I forgot that on YUM she has used one of the names in those videos. I call her kiddo and on my old blogs I called her little m.  I know some people are worried about their kids and the Internet, but I’m not. Kiddo doesn’t really have access to it. So, I think using whatever name she feels comfortable using is fine.


Amanita Nightshade Blooper

Introduction Blooper


Are your kids into blogging or vlogging? At what age did they start?

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    1. I know! I used to punk out my Barbies and was thrilled when Barbie and the Rockers came out. Sadly, her Barbies haven’t came out of her closet in quite some time. LOL But we have a lot of fun playing Monster High.

  1. I agree, whatever name they’re comfy with… I let my son use the internet a bit, but he has controls and I monitor him too. 🙂

    1. She doesn’t have her own computer. She did have an iPod, but lost it. So, that is one of the reasons why she doesn’t have her own phone or other things. She’s not quite responsible enough to keep up with them. If she needs to get online for homework, we monitor that. But, our school doesn’t force a lot right now since she is only in 5th grade and they have computers on campus. Oh, and sometimes she gets to play Minecraft.

    1. No worries grammie!
      We are letting her do this for educational purposes. It will help, trust us! And she will have fun in the process along with earning money and products to review.

    1. Thank you! We have a few more on Youtube that I need to write up and then we have some Monster High that I (yes, me) received for my birthday that I am going to let her open and review.

  2. Because blogging is my full time job my daughter often wants to do it as well. She watches a lot of kids youtube channels and has often acted out her own. She is only 8 though so I haven’t let her get into really doing any. Maybe someday!

    1. She has been in a few of my videos over the years. She was about 7 or 8 when I did some cooking videos on my other website. But, she was the helper. Now that she is a bit older, while I don’t expect her to do this all the time, it is a good way to teach her about commitment and responsibility. And, it also has some educational stuff mixed in even if she doesn’t realize it yet.

  3. My nieces can’t get enough Monster High. It looks like Kiddo is going to be a natural at reviewing. I think this is a great thing to do to boost her self esteem!

  4. I think its so cute you gave your daughter her own segment on the blog to vlog!! Its more acceptable for kids to blog…as long as there is parental supervision of the channels! When I have children I want them to blog/vlog with me!

    1. It can be so much fun! But, the Internet is a scary place as we know. So, we are mindful of her age and level of responsibly.

  5. My oldest son goes on a roller coaster ride of wanting to blog to not wanting to do it. He has his own blog started. My middle son likes to do videos. My daughter is a camera hog, and I imagine when she gets older she will want to be involved more. My two boys have learned many aspects of the marketing end.

    This is so neat! Monster High has a really good reputation.

    1. Kiddo didn’t seem interested when I told her she needed to write posts to go with her videos so we can put them on the website. She turned her nose up a bit. I think she’s much more into the videos because its more like acting. She can be creative.

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