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Hey guys! I have a special review today because my momma helped me with this one! Words can’t even describe how much I love this little lady. She isn’t just my mother, shes my biggest supporter, my protector and my best friend. Given all that she and I have had to face together in life, she’s one amazingly strong woman.

I am the woman I am today because of her.

For all of the reasons I want to be the best person I can be. I want to do the best I can do for her as well. I worry about my  mother a great deal. Perhaps more than a typical child worries about their parents. I am sure a lot of that is due in part to our past and how what we had to go through made us different somehow.

While I worry quite a bit about her work and financial situation, I worry more about her health. She is a healthy weight and has no major health concerns aside from one thing.

My  mom is a smoker. She’s been a smoker since she was in high school. I know there was a brief time when I was younger where she quit for many years, but over the years she picked the habit back up again. She has tried pills, potions, gums, patches and even prescription medications. All of them gave her negative side effects. I know how that is, a lot of medicines give me terrible side effects which is why I tend to just suffer through my pain or use herbs and essential oils when I can.

I have been looking into ecigs for quite some time. She had asked me about them a few years ago and at that time I didn’t know much about them. I have a few friends who use them just for vape , I have some who use them instead of ciggerettes and I have some friends who used an ecig to quit smoking. An ecig is a very useful tool.

So, when the opportunity came for a review of Vapor Zues Auto eCig I did not hesitate to reach out to see if if would be alright if I claimed the review and we let my mom be the tester. Vapor4life was perfectly fine with it.

The order process is very simple. Their website is clean and easy to make your way around. The vape comes in a lot of flavors. I have been told numerous times that these vape waters are actually really good for those we are trying to get a handle on their eating. Which makes sense due to the aromatherapy properties. They come in peppermint, coffee, cinnamon, grape, blueberry, watermelon, vanilla, waffle, kiwi apple strawberry, red energy (think Red Bull) and wowboy (no idea lol.) All are nicotine-free.

I figured if it did not work out for her, I would try the peppermint for myself or one of the other flavors. As most of you know, I battled with eating issues due to my mental health problems. Perhaps this could help me stay clear of the fridge when I feel like eating my emotions.

The vapes also come in menthol and tobacco flavors.

The eCig comes in S, M, L and XL. You can pick from different colors; black cigar, blue , green, and pink.

For those we are looking for the vape cigarette option, you can pick your flavor and then add low nicotine (1.1%,) medium- nicotine (1.8%,) or high nicotine at 2.4%.

So, I ordered my mom a small in green. Her flavor was tobacco and I ordered the 2.4%. I figured someone who smokes more than one cigarette a day would need 2.4. I had no idea. I was just guessing. I was thinking about how long she has smoked, too.

So, the box arrived to my house and I was really excited to open it up. So, I did. I have zero experiences with vape and eCig, but let me tell you, this packaging was done very nicely. They get an A+ from me just for that.

The box contains (this is the Duel Mode Premium Vape Kit)

  • 1 Vapor Zues variable voltage eCig battery
  • 2 smileomizer
  • 1 classic smileomizer tip
  • 1 30 ml bottle of eLiquid
  • 1 USB slim wall adapter
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1 users manual
  • 1 card case
  • variety of “its not smoke” “I’m not smoking” cards

I was so excited to give it to my mom. She came over a few days after arrival and took it home. She called me a few days later to let me know that it tasted “too strong” for her. I was sad that I had picked the wrong kind but I told her I would just order her the lower %. So I reached out to Vapor4Life to let them know I needed to order a different level of nicotine and would be completing the review soon.

They send me a bottle of the lower percentage nicotine free of charge. No questions asked. How’s that for customer service??

So, now she has had the lower dose for a few weeks. She seems pretty happy with it. She did mention that it is still a bit awkward for her to use compared to a regular cigarette and she has to remember to keep it charged.

We are hopeful that in time she will get a little more used to it, use it more and smoke cigarettes less. Eventually we’ll wean her down to the lowest nicotine dosage. Then just tobacco flavor until she just doesn’t need any of it anymore.

This is the first time my mother has been able to use something that didn’t make her feel awful and for that I am ever grateful for this review opportunity. 

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