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#atozchallenge Battling Real Depression

How many times have you overheard in conversation, “I am so sad, I must be depressed”? With statements like these is it hard to get past the stereo type that Depression is a Mental Illness. People who are depressed are sick. The first step in getting help is knowing if you are just sad, have the blues or are really depressed.

Now you are asking yourself, “How do I know if I am depressed?” Depression itself is very hard to pinpoint as there are other illnesses that have many of the same symptoms. However, there are a few general questions to help you get started.

For the record, this is my real face of depression.

Are you feeling sadness? One of the most common symptoms of depression is sadness. It last longer then a few hours, more like days. This sadness can also be accompanied by lack of energy. There is no drive or ambition to go through the motions of day to day activities.
Is there a lack on interest? Along with the sadness is a lack of interest. Lack of interest can be things such as not wanting to get out of bed, not wanting to take showers, avoiding friends and family, and staying away from any activity you normally take on. Those with depression tend to lack interest. Things that were important, no longer are.
Are there changes in sleep? Those suffering from depression fall into two categories, those who do not sleep at all and those that sleep all the time. If you have a drastic change in your sleep habit it could very well be depression related.
Is there a significant change in weight? Often those suffering from depression lose interest in food, often too tired to feed themselves. When this happen weight loss occurs. The opposite could also hold true. Some suffering depression gain a significant amount of weight in a short period of time because they are using food to medicate themselves. Withholding food or overeating food numbs those who are depressed and gives the person a feeling of control.
Are you easily irritated? No one likes to think they have lost their patience, but it happens. This especially holds true when you are depressed. Little things bother you and make you angry. Things that never bothered you before now do. Little tasks that you could once complete now seem like such a chore.
How is your concentration? Those suffering from depression have a hard time completing a thought, they lose track of time, and they have a hard time getting work done. If your feeling any of these symptoms and unable to concentration you could be suffering from depression.
This is not medical advice, however if you are feeling sad, restless, tired, or you just cannot concentrate, it is possible you are suffering from depression. Depression is treatable with a high success rate. Talk to your medical professional for options that best suits you.

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