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Cinnamon Roll Recipe Redux Fail Teaches Us a Lesson

not so yumeating rollsYou know sometimes not everything turns out as planned and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’ve had some Cotton Candy cake that didn’t turn out well. Foodies aren’t perfect. We make mistakes and if you are reading a food blog and you are under the impression they are perfect cooks – they are lying to you 😉

No, really. They aren’t perfect.

C’mon! Didn’t you read my Great Food Blogger cookie swap post? Or how about the Christmas cookie swap?

You need to. Go ahead. I’ll wait for you. But come back! 

Back in October I received some Mac-n-Mo mix from Ms. Mo herself and made quite a few recipes from her mix. They all turned out really YUMmy and had the family seal of approval.

Shortly after I made my eats,  Mo posted on her website that she wanted to do a recipe redux of the cinnamon rolls. I was up for the challenge, but I was also a little low on the mix. Having worked with various flours in the past I knew I had a little task ahead of me. I had read Maura’s website and her ingredient list. I knew I could add some of my own ingredients and perhaps come up with a different alternative to the recipe to get rid of the artificial sweetener as she had requested.

I waited. And I waited some more. No one ever replied to the blog post and my recipe did not go as planned. So I sat on the recipe and the photos all this time.

But you know what? We aren’t perfect. Because my recipe sucked I didn’t give much thought to the photos and just snapped a few just to say “hey I did it” and went on my merry way. As I started sorting through photos to make some posts for the week I came across them.

Just like the Oregano Chicken Bloopers Taught Me About Body Image, these dark and dreary photos with inedible eats taught me that we aren’t perfect (and that I also need a new oven. 😉

But more importantly –  slow down and enjoy life. 

So here is what I mixed in that recipe following the same basic instructions as the Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls:

1 cup Mac-n-Mix

1 cup brown rice powder

1 cup coconut powder

1/4 cup flax meal

Nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice – 1-2 tsp of each.

3/4 cup homemade pumpkin butter

1 egg

Almond milk

1/4 cup dried goji berries, cranberries, blueberries and raisins.


1 TBSP Michigan raw honey

1/2 cup pecans

So as you can see the ingredients were similar, but yet different.

So what happened? Seems like a normal, healthy recipe, right?

Bah humbug.

They were not good.

Perhaps no flax , more honey, and some homemade applesauce.

I tossed them outside for the field mice and other nature critters to stow away and hide for the winter.

 Kiddo tells me it’s ok. Even though we are very big on NOT wasting food, she tells me accidents happen and at least the animals won’t starve. 

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  1. I’m so sorry about your fail, but you make it sound so Bridget Jones Diary that I can’t help laughing! The first time I ever made cookies, I 1. Tried rollups and 2. Was unaware that you have to refrigerate the dough. That was the biggest mess you’ve ever seen! Good luck next time, and anytime you want to send gingersnaps or red velvet anything, I will gladly “taste test” for you!

    1. LOL at “Bridget Jones Diary!” I was in bed on my phone when I read this and started to laugh I started the dog and she started to bark! So funny. I tried making some roll-ups recently and they were an epic fail as well. Oh well, can’t be perfect all the time, rigt? 😉

  2. I’ve learned more through failing at cooking than at successes. I find myself thinking more after a failure than I do after a succesful attempt.

  3. yep, no one’s perfect–especially in baking/cooking! And it’s only when we try that we run across those great recipes! Thanks for linking up with the Tasty Tuesday’s Link-up. I have pinned your post to the Tasty’s Tuesday’s Pinterest Board!

  4. Pretty much nothing I make turns out perfect. LOL. I like to eat, though, so it doesn’t matter.

  5. I had some real huge failures. I used to be a pretty good baker… then I started using flax meal, coconut flour and other healthy options. I am not such a great baker any longer. Good thing I have someone like you to do the recipes…. I can just follow your lead. Thanks!

  6. There are definitely times my recipes haven’t gone as planned. It’s frustrating, but like you said- nobody’s perfect!

  7. I have had plenty of fails in the baking department over they years. The important thing is that you get back up, brush yourself off and try it again, LOL. I agree with someone above, your failures are probably better than most things I cook. 😉

  8. I love Michigan honey – I’m sorry it didn’t work out as well as it could have, but either way next time will be better.

  9. I’ve definitely had a few fails that were horrendously disgusting. But on the other hand, I’ve had quite a few that I think turned out even better than they were supposed to be. Preferably, I like those better! LOL

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