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52-Week-Money-Challenge1-550x427This morning I was scrolling through Facebook, enjoying my tea before I start my day when my writing buddy Nicole (who blogs over at Frugal Maine) shared the 52 Week Money Challenge from Stuck at Home Mom. First I had a laugh because her website title is pretty funny. When I clicked the link I had to laugh even more. Her tag line reads, “Good information rarely comes from a spell checked grammar proficient source.”  Booo-ya.


I know I tend to get a little anal about my own grammar and I do secretly fix others when I read it. That’s from all the years of working on my BA and MBA and having to write paper after paper. It’s also the fiction writer in me (pen name, so Googling isn’t going to help you, you’ll only find non fiction and poetry under this name) who has to constantly double-check her words. Sorry for that. 😉

Blogging is a whole different ball game. I tend to type the way I speak – quickly. And, with an accent. Don’t judge.

So the money challenge seems pretty easy.  Step one: Grab a Mason jar. Done. I have a few leftover from YUMs canning season.  So, the first week of the year we are to drop $1 in the jar. Easy peasey. Week 2, drop $2. Week 3, $3. And so on. So by week 52 you drop in $52. By the end of the year you will save $1,378.  Stuck at Home Mom also explains you can do it backwards if it makes it easier for you at holiday time. First of the year do $52, $51, $51 that way in December your savings jar deposits will be $4, $3, $2, $1.

I’m looking at that $1,378 and thinking about all of the wonderful things we could do with that.

So, are you up for the challenge? What could/would you do with your $1,378 savings jar?


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  1. I know WPLH posted this, but I did not give it a whirl this year, but I think I may end up doing it next year. I want to start saving anyway and I want to find neat ways to save. 🙂

  2. I think you have to find what works for you. DH and I started saving around his pay schedule and that works for us. We also save our change and have used it help us keep up with our pay down our mortgage plan. If I’ve done the math right, I think we’ve knocked 11 years off our mortgage along with putting aside and then expanding our emergency fund.

    This is one of many options out there. The key is to find one and get started.

    1. I think he jar thing is good for hubs because he is a visual person and needs to be able to see it. He has never been good with a checkbook or bank account so going that route just isnt going to work for him. It would be best so it could collect interest, but then kiddo cant see it either. I think this would just be fun. And then she can toss in quarters and stuff she gets from allowance and the fairies if she wants. I am going to give it a try. I think within the next week or so we are going to make a jar. Or, a bucket.

  3. I think the plan is a great idea! You could even through a few extras $$ in when you can and then if you have a week when you just can’t do it you will still make your goal.

    I followed you on Twitter and Pinterest. I was going to like you on Facebook but the link didn’t work.

    1. Oh thank you for stopping by. I changed my FB and forgot to change the link here! Oh thank you for reminding me of that! Gosh, so silly of me. I think this challenge will be simple enough and yet still be a challenge. I am sure it will provide some tales. I think we are going to use the money for a family trip.

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