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The Original Irish Flu Shot

Irish Flu ShotMarch is here. March is here!

I know a lot of you faithful readers were not her last year so you missed out on my month of Irish Traditional Recipes. Yes, you read that right. A WHOLE month. I’m going to be sharing some of those in current posts and I’m really excited to bring those forward another year. I had some gems that I am really proud of. I am putting the final touches on this month’s March list. One of the things I am really looking forward to is creating Scottish Pie. I know it’s not Irish, but it is Celtic and in my house we share. 😉 

What that really means is my Scottish husband really wants to have Scotts Pie. So, I thought it would be fun to include it in the Celtic celebration! Now, let’s just hope I can make them as good as Ups N Downs. My mouth  waters just thinking about those amazing pies.

Ups N Downs Scottish Pie Sarnia, ON


If you were around last week you read the post about “Freebie Fridays” and “Frugal Fridays.” I am slowly working towards some sort of an editorial calendar here on YUMeating, and had originally planned to wait until Thursday to share this recipe for the launch of “Thirsty Thursdays” and then I realized – ITS MARCH! In March I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Irish American Heritage Month. Last year the entire month of March was devoted to all traditional Irish recipes.

It was really a lot of fun. Flash forward to this March. The concept of doing a Thirsty Thursday is exciting, the truth is, I don’t really drink that much. So, I am not sure I can commit to that weekly. So, maybe once a month and then the other weeks I can do “Thankful Thursday” where I discuss a food/thing I am thankful for. I don’t know about you, but I could certainly have more positive in my life. We’ll see. I’m still working on that editorial calendar.

So, here we are. March. For a lot of us, March means winter is still lingering. So, I thought I would share a fun, yet simple recipe to start off the month.

Let me present to you The Original “Irish” Flu Shot. I am pretty sure if my grandpa were still alive he’d give me a bit ol’ pat on the back for this one.

Irish Flu Shot




  • 1 shot of Jameson’s Irish Whisky. That’s it. Nothing more.



Chug-a-lug my friend. 

Irish Flu Shot with Oil

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Disclosure: This post contains Spark Natural affiliate links.  I was not paid to do this post or compensated for my time with free products to review. I paid for them myself.  All opinions are 100% my own. I am sharing this information with you because I firmly believe in the use of essential oils.


Jameson Irish Whisky; yay or nay?

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  1. I’m fairly certain this “flu” shot would have gotten me over my flu faster a few weeks ago. I’m not much of a whiskey fan, but I would have tried anything.

  2. Here in my area, we drink moonshine with lemon juice and rock candy for coughs! This reminds me of a basic version of that, haha.

  3. Yeah – I’ve heard of the Original Irish Flu Shot – but not the way you shared it – yours is more fun!!
    And, for me the lemon essential oil is the perfect way now, since I don’t get flue shots – lol Thank you for your post and fun

  4. I’ve tried it before and it really works! Plus, it tastes really good and warms me up during chilly days…

  5. Ha! I don’t actually drink alcohol, so I’m going to have to say nay. I’ve never heard the term Irish Flu Shot before. I got a good chuckle.

  6. Yum that scotts pie looks heavenly! I haven’t ever heard of it before. I haven’t heard of this flu shot before either how very cool.. I may need to try it!

  7. I think this is perfect! That must be my heavy Irish Ancestry talking! And, I’d be up for trying those Scott’s Pies too…with a pile of mashed potatoes! Yum!

  8. Not a big fan (I’m more of a rum-only kind of drinker) but I’ve never thought of using it for cooking. Thanks for the inspiration, will have to play around!

  9. We were RIGHT there and could have toured the distillery. We ran out of time though (we did get to tour Guinness). Pretty sure my husband would like to designate a thirsty day of the week. 😉

  10. I remember my husband said once that the only cure to his cold is a shot of whiskey. LOL. He loves his whiskey although he haven’t had some in a while. Good boy! 🙂

  11. Have you seen all of the craziness about Jameson going on over the internet? Apparently he bought a slave and paid to have to eaten by cannibals so he could sketch it?! I do think I would enjoy a Jameson flu shot a lot more than the traditional ones though! 🙂

    1. I haven’t heard that one. Mildly disturbing. On one hand you are like, no way. But then on the other hand you question it because people did some really crazy stuff back then.

  12. I’ve never had Jameson’s Irish Whisky before, but if it keeps the flu away…I’m all for it. I wouldn’t mind trying it mixed with something else. Shots are too strong!

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