#atozchallenge All Good Things Must Come to an End (U-Z)

d61be5a6452a4be5477bfa3c76aded2fOops.  I did it again. I started the month with a bang and ended on a not-so-banging note. But, I’m okay with that. You know why? Because things are still running in the positive motion and still did a LOT of writing. I’ve been spending some time working on other writing projects while lining things up here on Nevermore Lane too. I *think* I finally have a new theme picked out which will make it easier to find the categories which are most popular instead of the front page being hogged by the latest posts.

So let’s dish out our remaining alphabet letters for the #atozchallenge, shall we?


U is for Uplifting



V is for Vibrant … because that is how I feel lately. W

W is for Wholeheartedly…… as in how I live, love and laugh.



X is for eX – and that is where they need to stay.Y

Y is for Youthful. I feel amazing these ways despite the number of years I am. That number is just a number and is not a reflection of my true self.



Z is for Zest…. my zest for life is back and it feels amazing.

I’m trying to get back to the blogging zone. It’s been hard because I have all these projects going on and a new life I’m living…but blogging has been a part of me for so long, I really know no other way!

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