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How to Make Homemade Chicken Stock

chicken stock


This yummy photo is actually from the chicken and dumpling recipe which creates its own chicken broth. So warm , wonderful, clean and chemical free. Today I am going to show you just how easy it is make your own chicken stock and I promise you it’s so simple and budget friendly. Every time I make chicken I make stock whether I am going to use it right away or not. I have an endless supply of freeze bags and will just place the stock in the bag and toss it in the freezer for future use.

The batch of chicken stock we are making came from the “Paprika Oregano Roasted Chicken” recipe and videos that were posted. You can make chicken stock from any leftover chicken fat, skin, bones and even meat. The wonderful thing about making it yourself is that

1. you aren’t spending any extra money on canned or container stock

2. you aren’t adding any chemicals to your diet that are added to processed stock

This chicken stock became the base for our homemade chicken noodle soup that will be posted on Friday so be sure to subscribe to our various channels to be notified. We’ll have a great recipe and even some videos! We make our noodles from scratch so it can be quite comical and fun to watch us in the kitchen.

Here is the YouTube video of YUM eating making Homemade Chicken Stock.

Have you ever made your own soup stocks? I’ve done beef and vegetable as well. What are some stocks you have made?

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  1. When I was in culinary school, stocks and Roux were the things I sucked at most. I don’t have the patience. Thanks for sharing. Perhaps Ill try it your way with better luck. #yuckstopshere

  2. yum! That picture looks so delish 🙂 I have never made my own chicken stock because I have never known it is so easy to make!Thanks so much for showing us how.

  3. I have definitely made my own chicken soup and there is always some “stock” left over! I also happen to love boiled chicken –after the chicken and veggies are boiled and ready to eat–“stock” left over. Now why did I never think of freezing it and using it for something else?

    1. I have bags on standby in the freezer at all times. I even add to it. One can never have enough. I use it to cook noodles and rice in, too for some extra flavor.

  4. I used to make my own stocks all the time when my kids were younger. I have since gotten lazy lol. I have to get back into it, it tastes so much better than store bought.

  5. I’ve made my own stock when attempting to follow a Paleo diet. Fresh is absolutely best. I am going to check out your video next. Thanks for sharing that!

  6. I make it every time I get one of those rotisserie chickens! I then freeze it…and then I freeze a bunch in ice cube trays for when I need just a little at a time. I use them as much as possible – they are the perfect medicine for all of these germs going around!

  7. I make my own chicken stock all the time. I like making it in big batches and freezing it to have on hand. Home made is so much better than store bought.

  8. I’ve never made any kind of stock – but I will look into it. Thanks for showing us all how to get it done. Love it!!

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