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#atozchallenge Theme Reveal : Positive Self

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I needed to take a little break from the blogging work. So much was happening all at once I had to let a few things go to the back burner for a little while. When I saw a new Blogging from A to Z challenge was about to begin, I knew that was the perfect opportunity to get back on the blogging bandwagon.

This will be my 3rd or 4th time doing this challenge. It will be a first for Nevermore Lane. Some of the previous challenges are here, as they were merged off my old website, Self Employed Writer.

Today’s the day we reveal a theme. Although the theme is not a requirement, I felt it would be best for me to accept the challenge of having a theme for the next 30 days.

My theme is : Positive.

Why positive you ask?

Because – this:

I Believe (c) Chrystal Mahan | Nevermore Lane



I’m a tattoo lover. Always have been, even before it turned into some sort of normal trend. In July 2015 I turned 40. While I know a lot of people have been telling me that it is just a number, for me it is something more.

You see, I didn’t have the best chance at life. Born 3 months early; I’m not even supposed to be here. Died more than once. Spent over six months ‘still cooking’ in an incubator. It didn’t get much better for me. I skipped right over childhood due to the sexual abuse that plagued my life for 12 years.

My life  – every day – is a battle. The emotional and mental trauma that caused me is unspeakable.

I tried to make a good life for myself. But, I really am a wayward soul.

By 26 I found out I was adopted by the man who molested me. Imagine, being told you are not the biological daughter of the man you felt had really harmed your life. Imagine finding out your mother had lied to you for your whole life. The one person that you thought you could trust.

I did find my birth father. We wrote a few letters. But, he decided he could not tell his family about me. I have a brother and sister that have no idea I exist.

I got my first tattoo when I was about 20. A shamrock on my ankle.This was also the year I had earrings up both ears and pierced my tongue.  We didn’t have piercing places in Oklahoma. Matter of fact, at this time tattoos were illegal. I got mine done in Austin, TX. The piercing I did myself. The place I went tanning sold needles and jewelry. So, I just bought the stuff and did it myself.

If you think I have a high tolerance for pain, you would be right.

Since then I have added a dolphin on my thigh. A present for my 21st birthday. Through the years I inked up other parts of my body. On my left shoulder is a Celtic knot with a shamrock and wings. It says Irish Angel in Gaelic and is a tribute to my grandparents. On my left wrist is a Celtic knot work bracelet. It has the letter M in the middle. On my left hand is a shamrock with some tribal designs (are you seeing a pattern here?)

On my left calf is another memorial tattoo that was a tribute to someone I loved. I found out not too long ago that this person had lied to me for 10 years. Now, its just a constant reminder of bad choices in my life. I hope to someday cover this.

I’ve had my nose pierced; twice, along with other parts of my body.

I have the symbol of Luck on the back of my neck.

Then, there is my chest.

Originally I was going to put this on my back. But, I wanted to be able to see it.

I picked my chest so I could see it everyday.

I wanted a reminder of who I was. What I survived and hopefully a reminder of the person I am striving to be.

Since my divorce, I find myself on a new path in life. A path to heal from my past and look forward to my future with wide open arms instead of all the regret and negativity I have been carrying around.

The power of positive is a journey. A journey to finding my authentic, positive self.

So that my friends, is my theme.


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  1. That is a great theme and I love that you are staying positive. Keep on rockin’ it and you will end up on the right path.

  2. I love it when body art has meaning. Some folks stumble in and make a mess of their bodies and some folks are walking pieces of art with real stories to tell. What a great everyday reminder.

  3. I admire your strength to still find positive in life. I like that your tattoos actually have meaning and aren’t there just for cutesy appearances.

  4. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us. It can be hard to start anew, but having a theme to motivate yourself sounds like a great idea.

  5. Love this! Such a great theme. I think your chest tattoo is just gorgeous. You are awesome, always stay positive!

  6. I feel badly that your family let you down. Reaffirmation of worth sometimes needs more than a conviction; it needs to be in all colors of the rainbow for the person to see.

  7. I’ve always thought tattoos are a very personal experience. They often tell a story about the person or an important moment in their life. They are a good way to memorialize milestones or important events.

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