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Survived St. Patrick’s Day

I barely survived my St. Patrick’s Day weekend adventure.

Not really. I made it through with flying colors. I had 2 Guinness and was really proud of myself. I did have a few more glasses of  Ed Hardy Sangria wine later that night. That was points overload.

I tried really hard to watch what I was putting in my mouth. I checked every restaurant before we decided where to go and I picked my meal prior to going. Even with grilled fish , boiled shrimp $ crab, and Subway – I still had to dig into my weekly allowance of points. (I even stopped at 3pc of pizza for the weekend when normally I eat half the pie!)

That was OK. It was more than worth it. I also managed to get a few miles of walking in.

My weigh in Saturday morning was 236.2. I had only lost a pound from the 3/2 weigh in. I am not proud of that.

I’m afraid to even think about meeting the scale this Saturday. I have a lot of demons to fight right now.

Do you have a demon hindering your healthy lifestyle? What is it?

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