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#atozchallenge L is for Links


I really tried to keep this one positive. I had L all lined up for Love and all the different forms of love one can have. But, earlier in the week my site was hit by the Google bot for having “Unnatural Outbound Links” along with a zillion other bloggers for having an excessive amount of outbound links that were not coded no follow. 


So, that meant for me that the plugin I was using was no longer working because at one time every single outbound link was no follow.

At first, I went in to a full blown panic attack. Do you know how many older blogs are merged in here? Do you know how many posts reside on Nevermore Lane? How in the world was I going to fix this without having to go through 1000s of posts and coding each and ever link with a no follow html?

So, I stopped blogging. I let my #atozchallenge get further and further behind.

I got angry.


Then, I came across an article that the fix was simple, easy breezy. I was a blogger on a mission and I knew I had to get these links all fixed before I could continue forward.

That task is done and I’ve resubmitted my site. *cross fingers*

I am caught up on the challenge and look forward to writing more positive posts the remainder of the month.




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