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12 Easy Recipes to Wow Your Mom

You want to make something special for Mother’s Day and you have no idea where to start. Am I right? Or, maybe you have somewhat of an idea but everything is to time consuming or looks difficult. And, let’s not even get into some of those recipes with an ingredient list a mile long and full of items you will never use again.

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Don’t fret. I’m here to help. I promise these will be easy, won’t take up much time and won’t require you to buy a ton of items you’ll never use again. You can thank me later. But, be sure to check out my sponsor, Foodie.com whom I blessed to be partnered with since last fall. I’m being compensated for this post, but these words are all my own. I hand-picked these recipes just for you! If you love looking at food stuff on Pinterest, you’ll love Foodie. All food, all the time.


Homemade Breakfast Sausage – I am biased a bit. This one is my recipe. I picked this one because the only real ingredient you must have is ground pork. The rest is an endless list of possibilities for flavoring. It’s a fun recipe to experiment with and to get little hands helping. It makes the kids feel like they really contributed and did something special for mom. I know kiddo loves making homemade sausage. It makes her feel like such a big girl in the kitchen. I am sure moms would welcome the fresh breakfast and helping hand.

Avocado Toast with Spicy Maple Bacon and Scrambled Eggs – This is perfect. I can see kiddo and husband in the  kitchen putting all of my favorite breakfast items together and serving it to me on a nice platter with some tea or warm cup of coffee. I love avocado and would eat it daily if my budget allowed!



Smoky Sweet Potato Burgers with Roasted Garlic Cream and Avocado – Don’t let this long title fool you. I love avocados and my eyes tend to gravitate towards them when seeking out new recipes to try. We all want to eat a little healthier and many of us are looking for meat free alternatives. With the clean ingredients and simple mixing, this one is sure to be a grilling favorite.

Pineapple-Glazed Salmon Kabobs – I shared this recipe because salmon is heart healthy. When we think of Mother’s Day we tend to think of a meal at a fancy restaurant or have an outside meal if the weather is nice. Everyone has summer fever, knowing it’s right around the corner. Healthy grilling recipes with very few ingredients.

Easy Grilled Chicken Caprese – Are you noticing my theme here? Maybe it’s because here in MI I am just dying to see spring stick around and I’m begging for summer to shine its sunny light. I can’t wait for grill season because that means I get to spend a little time outside. I still have things that must be cooked in the kitchen, but grilling cuts down on my time. Plus, it’s a lot more fun for the whole family to be involved. We loved grilled chicken, but after a while it can get pretty boring. I found this recipe that adds a couple of ingredients on the top of the chicken making it perfect for a celebration.

Kale Goat Cheese Frittata – Mother’s day isn’t all about grilling outdoors. Sometimes a nice brunch is necessary. This light frittata is a perfect recipe for that. It looks amazing and it’s actually pretty healthy. Who says healthy food has to be boring?

Easy Crawfish Boil – Growing up in Oklahoma crawfish were right in our own backyard. For food that was freely available, crawfish boils were a party favorite. I was never much of a fan. Our recipes always included shrimp, so you could easily substitute. Boils are a lot of fun and if you have a large pot, you can boil outside on an open fire if you have the right set-up. Then, cover your picnic table with a plastic table-cloth. Drain the liquid and dump the boil pot right on the table. Be sure to have tons of towels or napkins handy. It’s great, messy, fun!

Quick and Easy Mezzi Rigatoni with a Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce – Sound fancy. Looks fancy. Has minimal ingredients. Most you probably already have on hand. Paired with your mother’s favorite wine, this one is sure to be a dinner favorite.



Classic Red Potato Salad – a spring meal isn’t complete without some potato salad, especially if you’re planning to grill outside for Mother’s Day. This recipe is simple, most ingredients you’ll already have on hand and it stays classy.

Shaved Asparagus and Goat Cheese Crostini – I’m really big on goat cheese if you haven’t noticed. The creamy flavor goes a long way and its full of nutritional benefits. These crostini are perfect as appetizer or snack for brunch or to serve with the meal. Whichever you choose, I’m sure they’ll be a hint.  With a few ingredients and easy to make, they’ll look like you spent all day working on them.

Loaded Baked Potato Salad – I’m not sure I really need to say too much about this recipe. I looks amazing. Sounds amazing and doesn’t take much effort to make a salad that sounds like it should be in a fancy restaurant. Most households will already have the ingredients on hand. Win – win.



Luscious Lemon Poke Cake – You might remember my first attempt at a poke cake didn’t go so well. Turned out yummy, but my holes were a little bigger than they should. Lemon is a great flavor for spring and summer. I picked this dessert because it has simple ingredients that you’ll use in the recipe and won’t have any lying around waiting to be used after you make the poke cake. It super easy and the kids can participate. Minimal ingredients, big flavor. It does have some prepackaged mixes, but we tend to follow the 80/20 golden rule, so I’m ok with a poke cake.

There you have it. 12 amazing recipes that are sure to wow mom this Mother’s Day. Recipes that are simple, not too time consuming and won’t break the bank.


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