Last Night I Made Boiled Lobster. Go Me.

boiled lobsterI am a seafood fanatic.  I would eat it every day if I could. Fish, shrimp, crab legs, scallops, calamari/squid, lobster…oh my. I even like octopus if it’s cooked right. Oh yeah that’s right I said it.

Say it with me… oc-to-pus. That stuff  is so yumilicious if folks know how to prepare it right.

Let me say this though, if I am at an Asian buffet and I see it in a pot of some sort of broth just bobbing along – no way. Forget it I am not eating it. I do not want to see it in all its whole form and glory.


I do however like it in sushi, sashimi and fried , baked, and broiled. I doesn’t have to be deep friend or battered. It’s nice, but not my favorite. Same goes for the squid. And pretty much everything else I eat. It is because of my seafood issues that I could never be a vegan. I could go without eating pigs, chickens (nope, sorry I love my eggs too much), cows and pretty much any other animal. I’ve been there so I know it can be done.

steak and lobster instagram

The husband and I went grocery shopping last night. Imagine my surprise when I saw these little lobsters on sale for $5. I’m down for a nice romantic dinner in. I paired this with a baked potato and a garlic onion roll. The potato ended up on the husbands plate.

My craving for lobster is all my friend Nicole’s fault. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. She’s over at Frugal Maine (see the title alone makes you want lobster doesn’t it??) and it seems like every time I talk to her we end up talking about food. Wait… oh… yes. Food.  Her fault.  Go follow her. Tell her I sent her. It’s ok. I promise.

Now, back to this lobster.

Grab yourself a stock pot large enough to fill with water and cover your lobster. I like to add a dash of salt.

Cover with a lid and turn up the heat. Wait for water to come to a rolling boil.

Once your water starts to boil, remove the lid.

Grab some long tongs and gather up your lobster.

Add him to the water. (I don’t know why I say him. I just assume. How silly of me.)

Keep an eye on your  lobster. They don’t take long to cook. Overcooking will make it all rubbery. Gross.

Once he (see, there I go again) goes from red to pinkish you can call that done.

Use your tongs to pull him out of the water.

Melt some butter in a little bowl for dipping if you like.



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