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Colby Jack Grilled Chicken Salad #keto

I’m going to share something with you.

As much as I love food, sometimes I hate cooking. Don’t even get me started on the cleaning up afterwards.

Shortly after I started YUM eating I quickly realized how much of a mess I was going to be cleaning up – ALL the time. While I do get help sometimes, I don’t really get a lot of help with the photo set up, shooting, presentation and plating of food. When I have starving people staring at me, wondering when I am going to feed their mouths, I feel frantic and rushed. I still haven’t mastered the art of keeping some of the food out for later or for in the morning.

Mostly because we never have leftovers here.

I guess time management skills just aren’t on my side.

So, when it comes to creating healthy lunches for myself, I tend to just stick to easy salads like this one. I will grill up a few chicken breasts earlier in the week and keep them in a glass pyrex dish for safe keeping. I am lucky that my family prefers the dark meat, so I don’t get bothered too much.

My grilled colby jack chicken salad is just a bunch of mixed greens with cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken and slices of colby-jack cheese. I warmed the chicken up so it would make the cheese a bit melty.

I love cheese and I have been trying to cut back on it, so this salad was a real treat for me.

I highly suggest splurging for the mixed greens. Much better taste and more filling than iceberg lettuce.

Salad lovers, what’s your favorite flavor combination?

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  1. Mixed greens are my favorite too. Sometimes in the summer I am able to grow my own lettuce and I have a great variety! This year was too dry though.

  2. I don’t eat salad, horrible right? I don’t like lettuce (again horrible lol, I get made fun of lots) but my kids? LOVE salads and request them often, this would be great!

  3. My friend’s daughter is only 2 but she says Colby Jack so crystal clear. It is fantastic so I don’t blame her. Got to try this salad in her honor.

  4. My favorite flavor combo for salads is anything where sweet and salty is mixed. I had a great feta and watermelon salad which was amazing. I am going to make your salad for lunch this week.

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