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Irish Ginger Ale

Irish Ginger AleDepending on what bar you visit, what part of the country you are in, or even what your preferences are will determine the actual name of this drink. Some call it a J&G. Other call it a Whisky Ginger. I’ve also seen it called an Irish Ginger Ale. Can you guess which one I know it as? 😉

You can enjoy this drink two ways. Neat (which I am still unsure how neat Neat can actually be with all that fizz) or on the rocks. I prefer this particular drink to be on the rocks. The Irish Ginger Ale is super simple to make. It’s one cup ginger ale mixed with 1 shot of Jameson Irish Whisky. I love to mix mine with diet Vernors, but any ginger ale will do. Vernors is a Made in Michigan product so it has been my go-to since I was a little girl. Irish Ginger Ale

We couldn’t get Vernor’s in Oklahoma where I grew up. So my grandmother would mail down a gift box every so often full of all of our Made in Michigan products. When we would drive up here for summer breaks she would always have the backroom fridge stocked with extra Vernor’s knowing I was going to go through quite a bit while I was visiting. You could always count on my grandpa to have a bottle of Bushmills and Jameson on hand. Of course, the only time I was allowed a taste test was when I would visit during Christmas and would get a runny nose.

Irish Ginger Ale

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Servings 1


  • 1 cup ginger ale
  • 1 shot Jameson Irish whisky
  • ice optional


  • Pour the ginger ale into a glass.
  • Let the fizz die down just a bit.
  • Pour in the shot of Jameson.
  • Add ice. (optional)


When I’m feeling really fancy I’ll even garnish with some fresh grated ginger for a refreshing cocktail.

What about you; whats your favorite refreshing cocktail?

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  1. I’m not a whiskey gal, but I do love ginger ale. Maybe if I pour enough it would cover the alcohol taste? Easy mixed drink recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have to like this simply because I’m Irish, a Michigan girl and I only drink Vernors! Although, I cannot drink diet anything (or sugar free) because Aspartame causes me to have horrible stomach pains.

    1. For that reason I don’t drink pop. I hate regular pop with all its sugars and calories. I will do a diet once in a while if I really am craving it. But its just not really in my life. There are some stevia options now, so that is helpful.

  3. We don’t have Venor’s here in Boston, but we have other regional brands. I think my hubby would like an Irish ginger ale.

  4. Sounds like I have a new drink to try. My current favorite drink is a shot of Fire Ball in Angry Orchard Cider.

  5. I’ve never heard of Vernor’s. Here in Kentucky our Ginger Ale of choice is Ale8. It’s hard to find outside of Kentucky though. Of course being in Kentucky we would mix it with a Kentucky made Bourbon! I will have to try this cocktail soon!

  6. Whiskey and I do not get along too well, so I usually stick with beer and wine. I bet the men in my life would really enjoy this unique cocktail.

  7. I would not be able to drink something like this, but my family members outside of the home would. I appreciate an idea, to go with my Irish genes. 😉 This type of alcohol gives me a burn down my throat 🙁 I am low tolerance or a light weight I guess it is called, too!

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