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Homemade Vegetable Soup

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One of the best things about having a garden is at the end of the season knowing you are about to start canning your goods for next year. With those goods I make chili, goulash, spaghetti sauce, salsa and vegetable soup.

A couple of weeks ago the food bank was set up next to the Goodwill I love shopping at. They stopped me , my husband and kiddo. They asked us if we wanted food. They had a giant donation from Wal-Mart and they had already fed the people on their charity list. They had no way to transport the food so they were giving it to anyone in the community that needed it. I guess they assume if you shop at Goodwill instead of the the mall you must be “in-need.”

I felt bad for taking it because even though we struggle right now we can go without so that someone who doesn’t have anything can have the box they were trying to pass my way. They assured me that it was ok. So we went down this line and each stop at a table had something new someone put in our cart. We had a few bags and a few boxes.

I always count my blessings. I cried. I tend to do that when I am extremely grateful for something. I also tend to do this when I know people in this world have to go without.

When I got home I sorted the box and gave a lot of things to my mom. But I did keep the cans of seasoned diced tomato.

I had thawed out a batch of my homemade vegetable soup and decided to add one of the cans to the diced tomato. What I did not realize was that the can also had hot peppers in it. Yikes! But it was pretty yummy. To tame it down a bit I put a 100 calorie pack of Wholly Guacamole on top of it.

Pretty yummy and only a few hundred calories. I’d say that was a meal worth writing about, even if I have no real recipe to share today.


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