Grow-A-Long Update: My First Sprout!!


I started a little project on March 3. I am a little behind compared to others who started in February.

I recycled some egg cartons and planted my seeds. I planted small cucumbers( forgot name, for pickles), radishes, green onions, green peppers, banana peppers, and green beans. I only planted half of each package in case I messed something up. I am fairly new to the garden thing and not the best at it.

There was a lot of excitement when I woke up this morning and went over to spray some water on my tiny inside garden.

There was something looking back at me!!!

My FIRST sprout.  Husband was in the shower and I went running in there like a little kid, screaming “I got a sprout, I got a sprout!” After that I noticed I have 3 green onions sprouting too but it was too dark to get a good picture.

It is funny that I am so excited over something so small.

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