I’m Getting Married!!!!!!!!!!

I bet you knew that already.

We had a wedding planned for last October (2010). We were going to get married at a castle in a very ancient, traditional, Medieval style. The men were all going to wear kilts. M and his dad were going to wear their family tartan. The girls were going to have very simple dresses as well as my own.

Things happened. Our relationship was not as good as it should have been. He was having issues on the job front and that caused us a lot of stress. We decided it would be in our best interest if we waited. During this time we have been spending more time with our church family, he got a fabulous job in his field and things are much better these days. We are stronger.

We decided to plan our wedding, again. The only flaw was that his best friend is getting married this October so that month was out for us. We had opted for this Spring, but our pastor is not available, it being prime wedding season and all. So, after a lot of back and forth, we settled on September 10. Our pastor was always going to be the one to marry us. Most of our wedding ideas and plans are still the same, with a few changes.
Instead of the castle, we are getting married at the church. This saves us a large amount of money. Instead of having a big reception after and his moms church banquet hall, we are opting to have a small (no sit down) reception in our church for people to chat a bit, watch us share cake, have a toast, and then M and I are heading up north to the beach for the weekend. The place is special to us, it was our first vacation together a few years ago. So, it just seemed natural to go there.


We “want” to have our real honeymoon in Ireland and Scotland. So our registry is set up for cash instead of gifts and we are hoping with our families donations and our own funds this trip will happen next year. At least we hope so. Never know what could happen between now and then.


We will not have bridesmaids or groomsmen since it is so close to the other wedding. Which, Matt is the best man in that wedding.


Anyway, I wanted to share my Irish wedding, and what better place to do it at than right here on my very own website. Not only that, we are doing this wedding frugally. Wedding cake made by his aunt, photos by my aunt, catering done by my mother. I found lil m a flower girl dress at a resale shop for $13. I plan to thrift shop for my cake server, candles, wedding book and so on. Then go to the craft store for ribbon and Celtic charms. The ones I want that already come like that – $300 for the set. No thank you! Most of the things we already have, so we do not really have a whole lot of expenses.


I do need a new dress. The one I had last year fit for the castle, and I even wore it on Halloween. It just dos not fit our church setting. I need something a little fancier.

As we move forward with the wedding, I will post more and have more photos.

Here are some photos, mostly of the ideas I have.

The $13 flower girl dress I found at a resale shop. It was marked $27, but they were having a sale. We are going to sew the family tartan along the bottom.

Here is our wedding bands. Picked this up on ebay, from Ireland, for about $75.

These are photograph of my original dress. I love it! I might try to see if I can just fancy it up somehow.

These are my ghillie shoes. I will still use them, I think. I guess it depends on the dress. Otherwise, I am going to get my wedding shoes from Toms Shoes. That is the organization where every shoe you buy they give a pair of shoes to tho
se who need them. I love their wedding style.


I know it does not look like a traditional wedding shoe. But I love what they do!

This is Curwood Castle, where we were going to get married last year. That is Big M and lil m standing in front of it.

This is the cake we picked, only without the pink.

The look we might go for now. We will have to get him a suit jacket but he was already going to wear his kilt. Then my dress would be my family’s county tartan. (Ireland tartans go by county, Scotland go by last name. Big M is more Scot than Irish.)

This was the first dress I picked out last year. I did not order it because I felt for the castle, it was too formal. I am not sure if I want to go with this look, or the one below.

That is all the pictures I have for now. I am really excited to be sharing this will all of you!


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