March, the Month of the Irish

I just have to share my table decor. I put this on yesterday. I am one of those people who decorates my table for the seasons, holidays, or whatever cute place mats I find.
Last year I had just the white tablecloth (which is now layered under this green one) which has shamrock cutouts all along the bottom. The place mats have clovers and polks-dots on there. I love my plates and we DON’T (hahah) eat off of them. I found them at a Big Lots store and I have yet to be able to track them down online. I know they are discontinued, but geeze, someone has to have some! LOL

I have 4 plates and there are 2 matching tall coffee mugs. Super cute, I just love them to pieces. I found them last year around this same time.
The pitcher and glasses are new. I bought those last month. $5 for the set and it came with green dye to color the water. I like to celebrate all month long, not just one the 17th. So I decided to put this up and get my celebration going!
Over in the corner you can see my recycled egg cartons for the WPLH Grow Along I am doing. I am hoping to get some seeds to grow while the ground is still frozen. Just to get ahead of the game.

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