Clean Eating Doesn't Have to Be Hard or Complicated



I often wonder how many people really know what ‘clean eating’ is all about. I know a quick Google search brings back multiple results with so many different opinions.  Over the last few years I have read quite a few books trying to figure out how to battle my PCOS. The PCOS causes a lot of hormonal issues which makes it difficult to lose weight.  I’ve been trying to battle the PCOS and the weight along with it. It has proved to be much more difficult than I could ever possibly imagine.

Here is a little on how my clean eating came to be.

In 2002 I started the Weight Watchers At-Work program. When it ended I started morning meetings on Saturdays. In a year I lost about 50 pounds and made Lifetime. It was easy. Lunch consisted of a Weight Watcher frozen meal and although I wasn’t really thrilled by it, back then I didn’t really know any better. It was quick, simple, and the Points were already counted for me. Weight Watchers got me on the path to better health. I walked, and walked. In time I started running. Life took over in many ways, shapes and forms. In 2006 I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease.  My weight became a constant battle. Then came the osteoarthritis in my hips. Pain became a huge factor in the exercise department.  Little did I realize the weight battle was due in part to the PCOS which went undiagnosed until last year.


Weight Watchers is familiar to me. Counting Points is easier for me than calories because I did it for so long. However, its not exactly budget friendly. That’s why I started reading everything I could get my hands on. Paleo, Primal, PCOS related, Low-Carb, Carb-Cycling, Mediterranean, Clean Eating. No matter what I looked at, they all had one thing in common – don’t eat crap.  They all include clean food. They all have their pros and cons when it came to PCOS. I went low-carb for a while and did pretty well with it, but it just wasn’t going to work long-term. I can’t deal with things that are restrictive. YUM eating isn’t a weight loss site. I’ve considered a merger with my other site because it’s too much to keep up with and quite a bit of food related material there.

First and foremost though, YUM is a food site. From time to time I might get a little personal.

I prefer to keep my food clean and that might come through on quite a few of my recipes.

I find eating clean to be the simplest part of the lifestyle change.




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  1. You always talk about PCOS but I don’t think I ever heard anything about what exactly it is and how it affects you. I have thyroid problems so I completely get that it’s difficult to lose weight, you feel like crap, and it’s painful but I don’t know anything more than that.

    1. The big this is that is causes infertility. It causes hormonal issues. It’s a disorder that has no cure, but it can me managed with medications, diet, exercise, weight control. Problem is, weight gain is a huge side-effect of PCOS because of the hormonal shift. It’s an endocrine disorder and I think Wiki does the best job of explaining it in a short amount of space, unlike Mayo or WebMD which goes on for pages…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PCOS

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