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Getting Pierced | Electric Chair Tattoo: Flint, MI

Sometimes you just have to do the things. I haven’t been feeling myself lately and I am not sure why. Stress? Life in general?

I spent last year pushing through life obstacles and kicking ass. This year, it has just been one thing, after another. I know we all have those moments in life and you just have to be a boss and handle your stuff. I like to think I am doing okay in that department even if it’s taking me a little time to do that.

As I battled through the muck, I knew I needed to do something to make myself happy. It had been a long time since I had done something for myself and I am not one who is in to going to get mani and/or pedi. I’d rather do it myself and save the money for something else (like traveling.) For me, taking care of me and doing something memorable translates to a piercing or a tattoo.

Those are the things that make my heart sing. It’s been something which has been a part of me since I was 18.

It was time. Beyond time. I called the artist who did my chest piece and made an appointment. It was time to talk to him about doing the second phase of my life tattoo.

I decided this time for some piercing therapy, more specifically the Medusa. That is right above your lips in the center.

This isn’t my first time in the rodeo, so I knew what to expect. As my friend Kelly and I were waiting my turn we were talking to a few girls who had decided to get some piercings done. One wanted her nose and she was absolutely freaked out. Kelly and I both have our noses pierced, so we were trying to tell her that it doesn’t really hurt. The piercer goes so fast that you really don’t notice it. It’s not much worse than getting a shot. What makes it worse is the wait and anticipation. We were really trying to calm this poor girl down. I did tell her that an automatic reaction is that her eyes will water. We think we helped calm her a little bit. The tattoo guys in the shop were giggling a bit.

Kelly and I tend to make friends everywhere we go.

Here is the process of a Medusa: First they iodine the area. Damn, there went my make up. Then they mark the spot to make sure it’s centered. Good thing I had Kelly there. The piercer was so funny, I kept laughing at him.

Did it hurt?


I am dead serious when I say that. It may hurt for you, but for me, it was a deep breath in, needle pushed through, boom. Done. It did make my eyes water, but that’s a natural reaction.

I had to keep the longer stud in for about 2 weeks until the swelling had to go down. They generally want you to keep it in longer but I didn’t have much swelling so the longer one was getting on my nerves.

As time goes on I am starting to feel like my old self again.

Check out my Electric Chair Tattoo in Flint, MI Yelp review.


What is something you’ve done recently for yourself?

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  1. I have only pierced my ears and belly button a million years ago. I am surprised your piercing didn’t hurt, though 🙂

  2. I have a friend that loves to get piercings. She has gotten quite a few piercings on her face in her ears. I think the next one she wants to get is the one that you just got. She’ll be glad to hear that it didn’t hurt.

    1. I don’t know about the nerve endings … maybe I have become somewhat immune to them and tattoos now. It really is a mind over matter thing.

  3. I remember getting my ear cartilage pierced and thought that the healing hurt more than the actual piercing itself. I think your new piercing looks great on you!

  4. I used to really want a nose ring but I chickened out because I was afraid it would hurt. I would have been so nervous about a medusa.

  5. I only have pierced ears. I like getting tattoos but not quite into piercings, not sure why, just prefer them I guess.

  6. I love piercings! I had my tongue and nose and belly button done and recently took them all out. I’m not sure I could do this one but so cool!

  7. I had my tongue pierced when I was younger. That was a painful experience. I thought it would be cool to have a pierced tongue, until I swallowed the ball on the bottom of my piercing. That’s when I decided that was enough.

    1. Really ??? I didn’t think it was bad at all and I did mine myself. 20 years later and I still have it.

  8. I love that you finally got something done for yourself. Getting my nose pierced last year was something I have wanted since I was 18 years old.

  9. Oh my goodness. You have have a very high threshold for pain! I have two cartilage ear piercings and it took me like half an hour for them to get it in. I think your Medusa piercing looks really cool, however, that would be too much for me, not at this age.

    1. I’m going to be 42 in July. And, I know people much older than I.. don’t let age be a factor 😉

  10. I have never tried this before and I admire people who have different parts of their bodies pierced. I’d choose a more hidden are in my body but of course that’s just for me.

    1. You have the courage ! I promise you, they aren’t that bad. I don’t think they hurt at all. It’s more annoying than anything. It’s also the anticipation and build up that gets going in your mind that makes it worse.

  11. That is so awesome that you did that! I haven’t done anything for myself lately. But i have always wanted a tattoo and i think now I’m really going to get one.

  12. You are such a rockstar! I love that you did this for yourself. I never knew that piercing was called a medusa lol and I got a nose piercing(twice) the involunary tear does happen!

    1. I had mine done twice as well. First time I did it myself and took it out for a job. Second one I went with a friend who was having hers done and decided to do mine again.

    2. It does happen.
      I have a few more piercings that I want to get with my ears. I have a friend who has some really cool ear piercings. They are so cute.

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