Frugal Friday: Dollar Store $5 Meal – Steak & Potato


Did you know that you can find little ribeye steaks at your local Dollar Tree? I didn’t either until a few weeks ago.  Hubs is a big steak eater. I’m not so much; at least not as much as him. My body just doesn’t digest red meat all that well and hasn’t since I had my gallbladder removed many years ago. 

I think we ran in to get some greeting cards and cleaning supplies. I tend to run in there for the quick things instead of dealing with stores like Wal Mart. Dollar Tree or Dollar General, it depends on what town I am in. I live rural, so I don’t have either of those in my town.

I wasn’t expecting a fancy steak. But for $1, I have to say, these quite surprised me. I cooked them just like my regular cast iron skillet steak. While these aren’t huge portions, they did pair well with the baked potatoes already on hand and the frozen peas we also picked up from the Dollar Tree.

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