The Taste of Fall: 18 Foodie Gifts

18 The Taste of Fall Foodie Gifts-collage

Fall brings us cooler weather and an abundance of colorful autumn leaves. For me that means tons of baked apple goods and PUMPKIN!

But that’s not the only thing that fall brings us! Fall also means seasonal foods and tasty treats for our taste buds. If you are looking for some really great fall gift baskets for your friends and family, check out these delicious finds and take a tasty tour of these fall foodie gifts.

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie

My mouth waters just thinking about it. I am seriously someone who enjoys pumpkin goodies year round, but I save them for the fall. Nothing beats a freshly baked pumpkin pie. But, for those days when that is not possible, or hey, you want to send me a pumpkin pie cause you know I am seriously addiced to them…that would be ok. 😉 – Pumpkin Pie – $32.99, 22.00 shipping – Available at


Belgian Chocolate Dipped Apples

Belgian Chocolate Dipped Apples

So pretty, you almost don’t want to eat them, right? (Said no one ever. Most of are are screaming “get into my belly!” Oh, just me?) – Belgian Chocolate Dipped Apples – $44.99, 22.00 shipping – Available at


Caramel Apple Crunch Cheesecake

Caramel Apple Crunch Cheesecake

Besides pumpkin, cheese is my serious weakness. I love it more than I love chocolate. So, when a cheesecake is within reach, I devour it. Let’s just say, I don’t bake cheesecakes for this reason.

Now that it’s fall, I might have to enjoy a caramel apple crunch. I seriously can smell it already. – Caramel Apple Crunch Cheesecake – $29.99, 22.00 shipping – Available at


Fall Bakery Assortment

Fall Bakery Assortment

Who doesn’t love cookies???? Each and every one of these look amazing. I’ll take a pumpkin, please 😉

Cheryl’s – Fall Bakery Assortment – FALL BAKERY ASSORTMENT – LARGE – $79.99, 16.99 shipping – Available at Cheryl’s


Fall Colors Tin & Tower

Fall Colors Tin & Tower

My favorite home movie snack is air popped popcorn. This fall color box is packed with popcorn and other chocolatey delights that are perfect for gift giving, or your own home movie nights. What a great treat!

Tip- save the containers for future use!

The Popcorn Factory – Fall Colors Tin & Tower – 6-Tier Tin & Tower T5106 – $59.00, 12.99 shipping – Available at The Popcorn Factory


Fall Cookie Sampler

Fall Cookie Flavor Sampler

Love those cookies above but want a snack pack just for yourself? Well, you can have that. Also great for a friend, relative or even a co-worker.

Cheryl’s – New Fall Cookie Flavor Sampler – NEW FALL COOKIE FLAVOR SAMPLER – $9.99, 6.99 shipping – Available at Cheryl’s


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Fall In Love With Fall Real Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Confession, I would rather have these little gems over a bouquet of flowers any day. I’m sure you have someone on your gift-giving list.

Chocolate – Dip Delights Fall In Love With Fall Real Chocolate Covered Strawberries – $19.99, 15.99 shipping – Available at FTD


Fall Dessert Box

Fall Dessert Box

Cookies, cookies, and more cookies!

Cheryl’s – Fall Dessert Box – BUY BOTH BOXES AND SAVE (EACH) – $29.99, 8.99 shipping – Available at Cheryl’s


Fall Popcorn

Fall Colors Popcorn Tins

Don’t want chocolate? That’s ok. The Popcorn Factory offers popcorn lovers a tine of popcorn in their beautiful fall container.

The Popcorn Factory – Fall Colors Popcorn Tins – 2 Gallon 3 Flavor P51230 – $34.00, 9.99 shipping – Available at The Popcorn Factory


Autumn Gift Tin with Frosted Cookies

Autumn Gift Tin Frosted Assortment

I just can’t get enough of these YUMtasticly (yes, my word, can’t have it) delightful cookies. This set comes in a wonderful fall tin.

Cheryl’s – Autumn Gift Tin Frosted Assortment – FALL MEMORIES TIN – 16 FROSTED COOKIES – $38.99, 9.99 shipping – Available at Cheryl’s


Fall Cheese and Sausage Gift Baskets

A Cut Above Fall Cheese and Sausage Gift Basket

When my grandparents were still alive and I was still living in Oklahoma my grandmother would always send two gift baskets for Christmas. One was always cheeses and sausages and the other was a gift subscription for a monthly delivery of citrus fruits. I’m tell you, you just can’t go wrong with these.

Gift Basket Village – A Cut Above Fall Cheese and Sausage Gift Basket, Large – $137.20, Free shipping – Available at


Fall Assortment Gift Baskets

Fall Splendor Assortment Gift Basket

When the weather get’s cooler, so do our needs. These gift baskets come with a wide variety of goodies like tea, buscuits, hand soaps and more.

Drop MFG – Fall Splendor Assortment Gift Basket Multicolor – 91529 GBDS252-1 – $44.99, 8.99 shipping – Available at


Organic Thanksgiving Gift Basket

Fall Splendor Gourmet Thanksgiving Gift Basket

Brie. That’s all I can focus on.

Organic Essence – Fall Splendor Gourmet Thanksgiving Gift Basket – $59.97, 11.95 shipping – Available at Marketplace


Fall Abundance Thanksgiving Gourmet Gift Basket

Fall Abundance Thanksgiving Gourmet Gift Basket

Just one thing.

Reuable picnic basket.

Organic Essence – Fall Abundance Thanksgiving Gourmet Gift Basket – $54.97, 11.95 shipping – Available at Marketplace


Organic Fall Harvest Food Gift Basket

The Fall Harvest Autumn Foods Gift Basket

I’m pretty sure I see a Godiva label sticking out of there. This is the perfect treat basket.

Organic Stores – The Fall Harvest Autumn Foods Gift Basket | Office Gift Idea – $159.95, 11.95 shipping – Available at Marketplace


Chewy Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookies

Chewy Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookies

I’ll take one.



Label Lab – Chewy Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookies in Gift Box-12 Cookies – $21.99, 6.48 shipping – Available at Marketplace


Pumpkin Pie Gourmet Spice

Pumpkin Pie Gourmet Spice

You all know how I feel about homemade pumpkin pie spice. If making it yourself is not an option, this is. And look at the adorable (and reusable) spice container. Pumpkin pie spice makes a great gift. I use it in pies, smoothies, and I put it in my coffee grounds. YUMilicious.

Florida Herb House – Pumpkin Pie Gourmet Spice 1.5 oz. (42g) – Organic Eco Friendly Gifts – Eco-Spices! – $9.99, 6.49 shipping – Available at Marketplace


BoHa Bountiful Harvest

BoHa Bountiful Harvest

This basket is beautiful and those coffee mugs are heavenly. Love the colors and the treats. I am sure your speical someone would too.

Gift Basket Village – BoHa Bountiful Harvest Fall Gift Basket – $125.00, 9.90 shipping – Available at Marketplace


Thanks for checking out my taste of fall foodie gifts! What is your favorite in the list? Sound off in the comments below!


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  1. There is a lot of deliciousness here. I am a BIG fan of fall desserts in general. I love apples and pumpkin flavored anything.

  2. My son begs for a fall sausage and cheese basket every year. Hillshire Farms sets up a booth in the local mall and we can’t go near it without leaving with something!

  3. There is a whole lot of goodness in this post. Wow! Love it all but my favorite is the Belgian Chocolate Dipped Apples! They are calling me, lol.

  4. fall is my favorite time of year next to spring. something about the changes that inspire me to feel more alive and alert to life little things. One of my favorite things is pumpkin it’s something that is very digestable and easy on my stomach and I can eat it with out having to give up much flavor although I do use less butter in pumpin and less sugar as my diet requirements. I look forward to fall because while fall has all my colors that flatter my skin tone and hair color. I do love those chocolate dip apples I think they are calling my name right along side the pumpkin goodies.

  5. I absolutely love this list! If you’re looking for the most amazing taste of fall deliciousness ever, you need to check out a DeBrand Chocolate Caramel Apple! It’s seriously the most amazingly delicious fall treat ever!

  6. Can you just send one one of each of the above pretty please with a cherry on top and maybe even a dollop of whipped cream? I think I may have just gained 5 pounds just looking at all of them—-Me Want!!

  7. I am a total foodie & wouldn’t mind getting one or two of everything. Especially the…oh who am I kidding?!I want them all!

  8. The Belgian Dipped candy apples looks sooooo delish! OMG! I dont like Fall weather but the food is always something to look forward to!

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