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Wow. What a busy day today!

I started this morning at my church discussing my possibilities for going through some leadership group classes so that I am can start a life group. I am really excited for this journey as my group is going to be The Daniel Diet. I was given this book to review a few months prior to release date. I read it and was somewhat impressed, but no overly so. At the time the website was different from it was now. It did not have a lot of printables or materials. I did try to follow the plan and I really wanted to incorporate it into my life, but the book and what information was available on the website at the time was meant for church groups. I was lacking that support group and others to share recipes and ideas with.

The website has been updated and the book has been available for quite some time now. Other reviews are starting to come in and the average consumer seems to be pleased with the plan. So, I decided to give the book another look with a completely open mind. I looked at it from the point-of-view of how it would be if I were to gather some people from church and we were able to go through it together. I had a HUGE aha moment. The plan closely resembles a diabetic diet, which is what I should be following with the PCOS.

I’ll be spending the summer going through groups and learning about them as well as joining some. Taking some time to get to know people and just really create a buzz more or less about Daniel Plan. Because summers are so busy, people are always in and out so they felt it would be best for me to go through all of this now and then we can start the group in the fall, around back-to-school time. I am all for it. I’m also still considering helping out with 1st and 2nd grade girls for 2nd service of the morning. This allows kiddo to hang out with kids (she’s in the 3rd and 4th grade girls) for an extra hour and then husband can rejoin the band and  volunteer with the music. It just feels right.

After the meeting we went to lunch and I was proud of myself for eating a grilled chicken sandwich, I hardly touched my fries, and only ate half the small frosty (giving away where I was!) Small steps, right?

We finished our meal and headed out to do a little thrifting. Afterwards I took my husband to pick out his birthday present early. A new pair of Converse because the ones I bought last year were getting gross and smelly. He opted for a new red pair!

Now I am trying to get caught up on gigs and blog posts. Oh fun!

Now, on to today’s  BloPo!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tell us about your favourite cookbook.

Betty Crocker s Cookbook  General Mills Inc.  9780307098221  Amazon.com  Books

Growing up my mother spent her time in two different cookbooks. One of them was white hardcover and super thick. For the life of me, I can’t remember the darn name! I believe she received the cookbook when she graduation from high school.  When I started YUM she gave me my favorite cookbook from her collection. As a young girl I would pour over its pages, reading it like it was a work of literary fiction. I started at the photos in amazement wondering if someday I would be able to create such food masterpieces. I can’t say I have made anything out of that cookbook. I may without even realizing. That cookbook was given to my mother when she and my father married. That book is as old as I am. I adore that old Betty Crocker cookbook with its weathered cover and tattered and torn pages. In between the pages are recipe cards stuck from the years of use. It’s a book a treasure and often will dig out just because of all the happy memories surrounding it.

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