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Michigan Float (aka Boston Cooler)

Michigan Float | YUM eatingAugust. How did you get here? I see so many of you have kids who are already back to school and here I counting down the days until kiddo goes back; which isn’t until Sept!

Summer has been oddly hot here in Michigan so I am actually ready for the cool breeze that is blowing through my windows right now. That means I don’t have to run the air conditioner. That means, I can breathe. 

It’s still plenty warm for me to enjoy an ice cream treat. Truth-be-told, I enjoy ice cream year round, even in the dead of Michigan winter.

Yes, it’s true.

Sometimes I think my ice cream habit is worse than my cheese habit.

So, I know root beer floats have been around for like a zillion years and are a staple in the American diet it seems, but I have something a bit different to share with you guys.

Funny thing, from what I understand this is called a Boston Cooler. When you order a Boston Cooler at the local burger joint, this is what you get. However, I am not sure what is so Boston about it, perhaps the use of ginger ale? (My Boston pals, I’m calling on you for help here.)

Edit: Thanks to Wiki, I found the answer! 

Here in Michigan we use a Michigan made ginger ale called Vernor’s. I have a mad obsession with this stuff going all the way back to childhood. When we lived in OK, my grandmother would send down care packages, complete with a 6-pack of Vernor’s. When I came to Michigan in the summers to visit, the first thing I did when I got to my grandparents was head to the back room to their snack fridge and grab an ice-cold beverage. As I got older, my grandmother would keep diet in the fridge just for me.

So, imagine my trip down memory lane when we made this floats, complete with low-fat Edy’s light vanilla ice cream and diet Vernor’s! I call it a Michigan Float (sorry Boston people.)

Is their a food in your neck of the woods which you aren’t sure why it’s name what it is?

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  1. There is no such thing as a Boston Cooler here in Boston, but that’s funny it’s named that since we don’t drink that around here.. It sounds yummy.

  2. Funny to hear what some things are called in different parts of the country. Even the soda versus pop thing:) This sounds yummy and I don’t live in Michigan or Boston, but would still try it lol

  3. I am sure there is some food that fits that description, but I am not thinking of one right now. That float does sound good though!

  4. I have always wondered why Hamburgers are called that if they are not made with ham. They should be called Beefburgers.

  5. We are Kindred spirts girl because I love ice cream year round too! I dont care if its frigid outside I want my ice cream. Weird food item name we have called Totchos – which is basically nachos but instead of totilla chips they are tater tots

  6. This is so interesting, never heard of it before. I don’t really have ay special drink …. that brings any memories back to me or strikes me as special. Thanks for sharing this interesting drink idea.

  7. I lived in Michigan for 10 years and Verners HAD to be one of the most popular drinks (after Red Pop LOL) Never really thought about putting it in a float. Not a bad idea!

  8. Mmmm…. one of my all time favorite summer ice cream treat favorites! I was surprised to find that one of my kids doesn’t like root beer floats. I wonder how there ended up being so many various names for this cool summer drink? How wonderful that your grandma would send a care package with the special drink too!

  9. I think I should set aside my all time favorite root beer float and give this a try. Honestly, I have not tried any ice cream soda with ginger ale, so I guess it would be an interesting experience for my taste buds.

  10. I’ve never heard of a Michigan float (Boston Cooler) before. This is the first time I’ve heard about it. That drink looks very delicious though! If I ever see one of those somewhere I’ll have to order it and try it out.

  11. This sounds like a wonderful drink. I love ice cream but I haven’t thought to try a ginger ale float.

    My kids have about a week before they head back to school. I’m excited but sad at the same time.

  12. Yum yum! I could definitely get into this drink! Also, there is no such thing as a cheese or ice cream habit being bad… lol 😉

  13. Never heard of this before… well that’s maybe because I’m South African… 😛 lol… Not a huge float person. Love learning about things from different countries, hehe need to visit your city. 😉

  14. Oooo this looks pretty tasty!!!! When I was a kid I remember my grandmother always had ginger ale in her fridge. I should make this for old time sake 😉

  15. It looks like great drink! They don’t have it here where I am, but I would try it. Anything to cool off on a days like these.

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