Lucky’s Steakhouse – Clio, MI

Wow. I can’t believe I haven’t  written a review for my favorite steakhouse. Lucky’s Steakhouse is a place I have been eating at for years, even before I moved back to MI (in 2007.) When we would come back up here to visit from OK, my family would go there and I would always get the crab legs. Grandmas treat. 😉

My favorite thing there is the Black and Blue burger. They have the best burgers and I feel that they are totally worth the splurge. This is pretty much the only place I eat burger at. I have tried similar styled burgers at other places, but non compare to Lucky’s. Mr. Yum generally gets steak. I can’t remember a time he ordered something else. My mother looooooves their fish sandwiches. I can’t say I blame her, they are pretty darn good. We went the other day for lunch and I got my usual burger, traded the fries for a salad. Mr. Yum opted for the open face steak sandwich (on special), salad and soup.

I believe this was vegetable barley soup. Any type of barley soup and he’s content. It’s his favorite.

Lucky's Steakhouse - Clio, MI | YUM eating #foodreview


Lucky’s has a couple of different salads and they are quite large when you order the meal. However, I swapped my fries for a side salad. My favorite side salad is here at Lucky’s. Even though it is small, you still get a good portion of healthy goodies and they even put a few croutons and cheese on there. 😉



Lucky's Steakhouse - Clio, MI | YUM eating #foodreview


I get my dressing on the side so I can do an old Weight Watchers trick where you dip your fork in the dressing and then your salad. You get the taste of the dressing without all the calories. It works for me because I like the natural taste of vegetables anyway.

The wedge salad, which my  husband ordered, is usually 1/4 of a head of a lettuce. For the side wedge, they chop that in half. We always have to ask for a little less dressing because they do like to smother it. Hubs gets his with ranch though instead of the standard blue cheese. They use real bacon. No imitation bits here.


Lucky's Steakhouse - Clio, MI | YUM eating #foodreview


This is the lunch special, an open face steak sandwich. You do get your choice of side if you don’t want fries and he swapped them for their red /new potato garlic mashed potatoes. They are so creamy and good!


Lucky's Steakhouse - Clio, MI | YUM eating #foodreview


And for the holy grail of burgers,  may I present to you the black and blue (cajun spices with blue cheese) :


Lucky's Steakhouse - Clio, MI | YUM eating #foodreview


Look at all that warm and bubbly blue cheese….yuuuuummmm


Lucky's Steakhouse - Clio, MI | YUM eating #foodreview



It’s a really good size burger, too!


Lucky's Steakhouse - Clio, MI | YUM eating #foodreview


I only ate half. So I got to have it again the next day for lunch. Bonus.

Whats your favorite burger flavor and place to eat?

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  1. I really wish I could try that burger right now lol. It looks sooo good, the salad does too. =)

  2. That all looks fantastic. We have a burger place in town that makes everything in house. You can really taste the difference in fresh everything. This burger looks just as yummy. Can’t wait to stop by next time I’m in town.

  3. Wow I love them all, most specially that large size burger. Looks like Lucky’s Steakhouse really got a loyal customer in you!

  4. Now this is a place my husband would thoroughly enjoy. Their food looks awesome and that burger looks amazing.

  5. The food here looks absolutely delicious! I’d love to go somewhere like this for a date night meal with my other half 🙂

  6. This looks like an amazing place to eat indeed. All the food sounds and looks totally delicious. I would love to try that steak sandwich. Thanks for shairng.

  7. My husband would love this place! I always get my salad dressing on the side and do the fork thing, too. I can’t stand an overdressed salad.

  8. Gooooosh, everything looks sooooo good and I can imagine how yummy the burger must be. The salads looks delicious too.

  9. That salad, that cheese, that burger. Everything looked to delicious! I am so hungry now. I love to find different places like this to eat and enjoy. Discovering is always fun!

  10. those salads, esp the half wedge, look amazing! I have to agree i LOVE my burger’s and that one looks so good! Thank goodness i just ate otherwise I would be in the car going down the street to get me a burger! But I am on WW so the tip you gave about dipping you fork into the dressing then salad was great I will be using that from now on. Thanks!!

  11. This place looks great! I love wedge salads, but I can’t have dairy so I usually get mine without the blue cheese crumbles and dressing and sub in thousand island instead 🙂 If I ever travel to that state I might have to make a pit stop at Lucky’s.

  12. At first I was mad at you for swapping out the fries for a salad, but then I saw all the amazing goodies you ate after that! Yum! Looks like a really nice restaurant.

  13. Chrystal – this really is ‘yum eating’ I would love each plate you’ve shown – especially the vegie barley soup – oh and the bue cheese hamburger – oh and ..well you get it – thank you for sharing this yummy meal

  14. I haven’t been to a good steakhouse like this in a very long time. The ones around me are so horrible I would never visit again. I wish there was a Luckys near me, but I don’t believe there is in my state.

  15. This food looks amazing. I will have to try Lucky’s if i am ever in the area. We have a local place called Golden Valley that has amazing food.

  16. Oh wow the burger looks absolutely delicious and I am so hungry right now. These days I really have chips with my burger usually its a salad but occasionally i do.

    1. I have been trying to swap out fries and chips for salads more. I’ve also been cutting out buns. Not every time, but most times. I’d rather have my burger wrapped in lettuce anyway. I feel the bun just gets in my way!

  17. I like ordering burgers at steakhouses, too. They are generally so extravagant it makes you feel like you’re really splurging! I lived in Michigan for 12 years. The next time I visit I’ll have to check this place out!

  18. My favorite burger place is…where ever I am eating a burger at. Greatest thing to ever happen to bread IMHO. You can do so many cool things with a burger. Clio is actually only a couple of hours from here, so I may check your black and blue burger out.

  19. Wedge Salad and Bleu cheese burger?? Those are my FAVES!! (And thanks for the fun WW dressing trick, that’s brilliant!)

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