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I’ve had this camera for about 2 years now. It was a present I purchased for myself after finishing my MBA and starting YUMeating (which is now merged in here at Nevermore Lane.) I have been taking photographs for as long as I can remember. I bugged my mom at the age of 9 for my own camera till she finally bought me some cheap plastic thing that I used every pennies worth.

I miss the days of film developing. *sigh*  While my dSLR needs no film, it does need a tripod; especially when trying to be steady for some of those pesky blog photos! I found picking a tripod to be a bit of a pain, to be honest. So many to pick from and how would I know if it would fit my camera right?

I don’t claim to have it all figured out, but I learned some lessons along the way.

The Camera Tripod

A camera tripod is a very important part of a photographer’s essential tools. A camera tripod doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does need to provide the photographer with the support the camera needs. Different types of photographers will need different types of camera tripods.

Choosing Your Camera Tripod | Nevermore Lane

Food photographers will need a tabletop camera tripod and a tripod that extends tall enough for overhead shots. A tabletop tripod works well for the photographer who shoots a lot of close-ups while allowing them to work hands free, especially in the case of a camera remote. A table top camera tripod is extremely useful when changing shutter speeds that could cause the photo to be blurry if the photographer is holding the camera themselves. A general tripod with a taller extension will allow for tabletop spread photography.

Choosing Your Camera Tripod | Nevermore Lane

Travel photographer will appreciate a camera tripod that is collapsible and foldable for travel. General tripods don’t do this, so if a photographer intends to do a lot of traveling it is in their best interest to find a tripod that breaks down and folds for easier travel.

Photographers taking photos of scenic views or of people will want a tripod that is light weight and easy to move to and from various locations. While a more expensive travel camera tripod is not necessary, one that is lightweight like aluminum is a better option. It’s less expensive than a travel tripod but not as light as a carbon filter tripod.

Camera tripods are especially useful when capturing movement or for capturing a sunrise or sunset. Trying to do this the handheld way will almost always cause shaky blurry photos. All photographers should consider their lenses when thinking of the type of photography. Purchasing a used lens can save money but also work in conjunction with a good tripod.

Photographers will want to make sure their camera tripod of choice has smooth moving heads and that the pan/tilt works in a smooth manner. There are three types of heads to consider pan-tilt, ball, and gimbal. No matter which you choose, too much jarring when trying to move the camera around while it’s placed on the tripod could cause the base to become unstable and at worst, the camera could fall.

Another thing to notice on the camera tripod is the feet. Make sure your feet are changeable for indoor and outdoor use. It goes without saying that a camera tripod must be able to support the weight of your camera, but if you’re using a bunch of attachments and flashes be sure to purchase a tripod built for supporting your extra weight.

Photographers seeking for stable, blur-free photos should invest in a tripod. Camera tripods are an extremely useful tool. A camera tripod can cost under $100 or well over $2000 depending on a photographers needs. The tripod is worth the investment, especially photographers seeking out photography long-term.

How did I choose my camera tripod?

Well, that was easy.

As a budget-friendly blogger, I tend to keep my eyes open for some of the best deals.

Choosing Your Camera Tripod | Nevermore Lane

I got lucky. While shopping at my local thrift store I found a brand new, still in the package, VidPro TT-300 46″ for $4!  Sadly, the reviews on Amazon are not so good (I guess I should leave one) I have had excellent results with this tripod. I use it on my homemade photo board and use it on the floor for both close-up and even above shots.


Are you a tripod user? What kind do you use?



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  1. I wish I had a nice enough camera that would require a tripod in the first place. Someday I will get a big girl camera.

    1. Truth – I seem to use my camera phone a lot more these days. I think that is partly due to the move and the fact to some degree I am still living out of boxes.

  2. My husband is a professional photographer and he reads up at every single review before buying anything. I think he needs a new tripod so I may have to tell him about this post.

  3. Generally, a ledge, a tree branch, or a tabletop acts as a tripod for me. This is great info to have and maybe a little encouragement and push to purchase a tripod. Besides, might be a little safer for the camera! lol

  4. I have a Canon EOS Rebel T3 and love it. It does a great job with photos and I still don’t even use all the settings like I could. I do have a tripod and I’m not sure of the brand, but it does a good job and I like that it’s height adjustable.

    1. My camera is a Canon EOS Rebel T3i. I love it and like you, I don’t even use all of the settings. When I first got it I played around with them a lot. Now I sort of know what works for me with certain shots and which ones dont.

  5. I love my large tripod but I’d love to have a little one for food photos. Can get difficult to get that perfect angle while keeping the picture crisp

  6. These look like good tripods. I just started learning how to use my new camera. I would like to get a tripod soon.

  7. Ha! You may be the only person on earth who misses the days of “film developing!” (I think I may still have a roll around here somewhere from about 30 years ago that needs to be developed.) I take really bad photos, so my husband is the photographer in our family. He has a couple of tripods (for different uses). I’ll pass this along to him.

  8. I prefer the small packable ones. They are so much easier to carry around. Though, they don’t hold too much weight. It really is a commitment to take great photos.

  9. I begged my parents for a camera when I was a kid and got my first video camera at 12! Yes I was always my family’s blogger/vlogger before it was cool…this was in the 90s! LOL but I love the idea of the travel tripod you just put a bag in my brain because my normal tripod is too much to travel with!

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