#atozchallenge P is for Positive !!!!!!!!!!!!




Climbing the road uphill is never easy, especially when you are being weighed down by Negative.  It took a long time to shed that negative, and honestly, there is still quite a bit hanging around. Right now, there is nothing I can do about that. There are some things that I have to work through before I can get to the others. I feel like an onion right now, pulling back one layer at a time. There are days when I feel a little sad, like things just aren’t happening enough or that maybe I am not making as much of a change as I think I am.

And then, a friend or even a random stranger will reach out to me and tell me how they have seen my changes on Instagram or Facebook and how I have motivated them and inspired them to make some changes too.

There is no other feeling like that out there.



The power of positive.

The power to change people’s lives.

I see now that even though my steps may seem like baby steps to me, to someone else their giant leaps.

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