#atozchallenge From Q to S ; Yeah It’s Like That


You know, the great thing about these #atozchallenge is that it really helps you get back into the groove of writing everyday if you’ve hit a bump in the road. While I did take a little blogging break, I haven’t taken a writing break. I have a few projects in the works right now and sometimes I feel I’m swimming. Unsure of which one to push aside and which one to hit the ground running. 

Writing is my life. It’s my passion and I cannot imagine a world without it. If I am not blogging, I am journaling. If that’s not happening I am stirring the pot with some poetry. If those words fail me I have AT LEAST 5 projects in Scrivener, a few in Google Docs and a few more on my hard drive. At at given moment words stir through my brain and I have to release them before they vanish into thin air and are lost to me forever.

I have learned, blogging is its own art form. It’s very personal for me and something I have been doing for many years. Sometimes I just need to take a break.

This week I needed one. So I totally dropped the ball on the challenge.  I’ve done these challenge in the past and always felt a tinge of guilt whenever a day or two would go by and I would be delayed with getting my post up. This year I am telling myself it’s okay. I have a lot going on in life right now and this website it going through its own set of changes.

I have reached a point where I am 100% okay with that.  No longer am I going to sit here and fight it. No longer will I sit here and compare myself to others who are doing x, y, z.



Q is for  Quality. As in…. quality time vs. quantity of time. Make the best of each moment.


R is for Rest. When you are body in motion, a mind always on the go, you have to REST.


S is for Solitude. It’s okay to spend some time alone.  Especially when you’re on a journey to change life, but even more so if you’re a creative soul. Solitude sparks the best creativity.



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  1. I was reading somewhere recently that the act of criticizing, which is basically pointing out what’s wrong, is left over from our cave days, when it was an important survival skill to immediately assess what didn’t seem right about a situation or an area or whatever. For example, there’s animal droppings where they shouldn’t be, or the items in the cave have been disturbed while you were away, etc. Cave Man/Woman who was adept at noticing probably stayed alive longer. So when I encounter people today who seem only to notice what’s wrong, I attribute it to their lizard brain and just think, ‘bless their heart’. It’s a challenge to be presented with a bunch of wrong and try to figure out what the person did right (if anything). I like a challenge.

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