The Wabash River and Hanging Rock {Wabash, IN}

The Wabash River and Hanging Rock {Wabash, IN} | Nevermore Lane #travel

Sometimes you have to let things go. But, sometimes you just have to stop, pause, and realize the good that came from the event.

That is what this post is about. The good that came from the Indiana trip

While on my Indiana trip I got to visit a really cool place.

The Wabash River and Hanging Rock {Wabash, IN} | Nevermore Lane #travel

The Wabash River and Hanging Rock.

The Wabash River and Hanging Rock {Wabash, IN} | Nevermore Lane #travel  #selfie
My face when the people I was with were trying to hike and climb in flip-flops.

The Wabash River is 503 miles long that flows from Indiana to Ohio. The Wabash River is the state river of Indiana.  In Wabash, Indiana, where I was staying, there is a large conservatory with a ton of state land, parks, the damn, and a ton of beautiful scenery. Nature is my BFF so this was a welcome adventure for me.

We crossed the dam, but I was unable to get pics.

We got to see some of the river when we hiked over the Hanging Rock a national natural landmark.  The Hanging Rock is a natural sandstone rock formation which hangs over the Wabash River. The formation was formed when the glaciers melted and carved the landscapes of North America.

The Wabash River and Hanging Rock {Wabash, IN} | Nevermore Lane #travel

There were pictures of me climbing the rock and sitting on it once I was up there but those were on the other peoples phone and I didn’t get them before I left the state.

Once we left the Hanging Rock we roamed to another part of the park where we spotted these old stone built pavilions. I have never seen pavilion building like this. Seating was built-in to building (all rock) and there were fireplaces on either side of the building. There were also cooking areas built-in.

The Wabash River and Hanging Rock {Wabash, IN} | Nevermore Lane #travel


Outside were picnic tables and grills. One of the pavilion buildings was down and being restored.

The Wabash River and Hanging Rock {Wabash, IN} | Nevermore Lane #travel

The Wabash River and Hanging Rock {Wabash, IN} | Nevermore Lane #travel

Was pretty cool.

Then I spotted this beautiful tree. I wanted to tell kiddo all about it because I am fairly certain the fairies are living in there. I can’t wait to see her again so I can share this photo with her.

The Wabash River and Hanging Rock {Wabash, IN} | Nevermore Lane #travel

So while the trip to Indiana wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, I did get to see some beautiful nature and have a new travel memory.

I am all about making memories.

What has been your best memory this summer? Did you have something not quite turn out as planned and found the good in it anyway?

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  1. Hmm, my best memory came at the end of summer when my husband and I went kayaking at Lake Minnewanka in Banff national park. It was something new for both of us, the view was amazing and the company was excellent 🙂

  2. Sorry your trip to Indiana wasn’t what you expected it to be. Still, it sounds like you found some cool things to see.

  3. This looks like it was indeed a memorable trip indeed. I would love to got here and see all the neat stuff some day. This summer was important to my family because my parents are both sick and we all were able to get together 3 times this summer. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  4. This looks like the kind of place that you go to if you want a relaxing hike. It’s nice that you had a great time! I love that there are picnic tables, great place to rest and hang out!

  5. How glorious! Sounds like a really fun hike and adventure. I would love to get out in nature, and go enjoy the fresh air like this!

  6. Gosh, this looks beautiful. Now that I have 3 kids under 4 years old, we don’t hike much. I can’t imagine them lasting very long before giving in to fussy whines about their legs hurting. I’d love to check this out next time I’m up near OH visiting my folks.

  7. We were planning to stay here this summer on a road trip as it looks amazing, but Indiana State Parks have a two day minimum stay. We’ll just have to plan to stay the weekend there next time

  8. This looks like it was such a fun trip. I am trying to branch out more with where I visit and would love to see this place myself.

  9. I love just taking moments when things are crazy exciting and awesome to just stop and say – THIS IS REAL LIFE – THIS IS HAPPENING – RELISH IN THIS MOMENT!

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