Staying at the Edward Village {Dearborn, MI}

Staying at the Edward Village {Dearborn, MI} }| Nevermore Lane   #travel The Edward Village is going to wrap up my weekend in Dearborn. We started with Greenfield Village, spent the night here at the Edward Village and then spent the next day at the Henry Ford museum. Despite the rainy weather, we actually had a really great time.

The outside of the building is a modern design and honestly, it looks way cooler than a lot of other hotels I have stayed at. This is one of the reasons why I picked it. I had such high hopes that it would be such a different experience for me. Another reason, I won’t lie, was because there was a bar/nightclub right inside the building along with shopping, coffee shops and other different shops that I have never experienced being inside a hotel.

I do have to say, the inside of the building, once you got through the first floor and started to head up through the glass elevators, the hotel took on a feeling like we were in the movie “The Fifth Element.” (Big badda boom!)

Staying at the Edward Village {Dearborn, MI} }| Nevermore Lane   #travel


I really hate writing poor reviews. It is rare I have to do one for hotels. I think the last one I did was a few years ago when the ex and I went down to Cleveland, OH.  The room wasn’t extremely dirty, but it wasn’t spotless either. There were some stains on the dust ruffle, which had me a little worried about the rest of the linens. I felt the drapes were a little outdated and the room was extremely tiny it almost felt claustrophobic.

Staying at the Edward Village {Dearborn, MI} }| Nevermore Lane   #travel

We were on the 9th floor. It’s a fairly large hotel. There were no sound barriers whatsoever. You could hear everything. And I do mean EVERYTHING.

Had I would have paid full price for this room I would have been devastated about the money I spent. Thanks to Expedia.com I was able to use some points and get the room for less than half price (Which was still over $100) but I wished I would have just stayed down the road at another hotel and saved myself mega bucks.

However, my view was beautiful despite the storm approaching and hazy weather.  I love being able to see the Detroit skyline.

Staying at the Edward Village {Dearborn, MI} }| Nevermore Lane   #travel  #Detroit


Like they say : When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. This was the positive in the dreary stay. 

Disclosure: Writing a review for the Edward Village was not part of my blogging requirements for this trip down to Dearborn, MI. I am writing this all on my own. I did, however get a hefty discount on this room via Expedia.com and my rewards points.

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  1. Oh, I hate it when staying at a hotel then you can hear everything! What an awful experienced!

  2. Someone from their maintenance team or management has to perk it up and do something with what you’ve observed. Though I’m sure it’s better than most hotels out there (and I would probably go there for the same bar/club reason as you), failed expectations will lead to a bad word of mouth especially when it comes off as a great one from the outside. Nevertheless, maybe one day I’ll come across this one and hopefully when I stay there they have improved. And sound mufflers please, I need that one at a place I would stay in.

  3. Sorry you had a bad hotel experience. I am sorry I am a bit of a hotel snob and I am with you, and so happy you mad an honest review. Outdate hotels with full prices over $100 a night is not acceptable at all. I want to feel like home away from home or luxury when I stay at my hotel and I want to be comfortable. Sorry Edward Village didnt provide you with that.

  4. I recently had a bad hotel too. LIke I couldn’t even rate it a one. It ruins the whole stay so much!! I learned my lesson.

  5. Thanks for your honest review. I am sorry to learn about your not so pleasant experience. I would have freaked out with the “sounds” and maybe said a piece or two to the hotel manager.

  6. Oh, this is so far one of the most honest reviews I’ve ever read. I hate awful experienced in a hotel.

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