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Vanilla Matcha Green Tea Smoothie


matcha green tea smoothie

Thanksgiving is over. It’s time to get rid of the holiday bloat. Right? Am I right?

I was asked to do a review for Kiss Me Organics and their Matcha Green Tea powder for my other site More to Life than Chocolate. The recipe actually turned out pretty good. I mean, real good. So good I made it a few more times and started adding this Matcha Green Tea powder to my smoothies. I’m a green tea junkie. In the colder months I’m sipping it all day long. In the warmer months you can find me with the iced variety, even slurping down some iced green tea lattes. With almond milk of course. C’mon now, don’t knock it until you try it.

Since I wasn’t really thinking about putting this recipe up here, I just snapped the photos with my iPhone. I’m not much for photography on More to Life. That’s on my 2014 Resolutions list. To revamp some of my older sites and to push harder with my new site, WAH Living. (Work At Home). I’m hoping 2014 will bring many  new and wonderful changes to life.

One of those changes is to continue my battle with the PCOS bulge and smoothies are one way to battle that.

Here’s the recipe for the green tea smoothie.

Vanilla, Fruit & Green Tea Smoothie

Chrystal Mahan YUMeating.com



  • Toss all ingredients into a blender and mix well.



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  1. OMG, I will show this to the husband. He and I both are on a green tea kick for health reasons. This also looks good and would be better than having a dessert.

    1. I love green tea. I drink it warm and cold year round. This Matcha powder is really good, you can find it on eBay too. I am going to make a batch of green tea ice cream out of it.

  2. This looks good. I’m going to show your recipe to my mother, who’s on a huge smoothie kick right now. Thanks!

    1. It is pretty yummy. Let me know how it turns out for you! (I only put a little in the fruit ones and don’t even notice the flavor. I do make a green tea latte and its yum!)

    1. You are welcome. It is quite good and quite the energy booster. I’m experimenting with it in other things and working on a smoothie recipe book (for the last month now lol) and hope to have it done soon! The green tea powder reminds me of the flavor of a Starbucks iced green tea latte.

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