Toy Review: Monster High Amanita Nightshade

Amanita Nightshade is probably my favorite doll right now. She is a mixture of all my favorite colors and I desperately want her hair.  I *wish* we had an extra one that we didn’t unbox. I have a feeling some of these Monster High dolls are going to be collectibles in a few years, especially the ones they don’t do loads of mass production on. 

Over the summer I celebrated my 40th birthday. Amanita was the inspiration for the decoration put together by kiddo and my mother-in-law. And, it true I-don’t-want-to-be-40 fashion, I received 2 Monster High dolls for birthday presents. #truestory


We still haven’t unboxed those. One came from my MIL and the other came from my FIL and his wife. That particular doll, who happens to be the daughter of Moth Man, brought back some memories for me. So, I am keeping her in the box a little longer. You guys might just see me doing a video 😉

Kiddo is not quite at a point where she wants to try to write a blog post. I am hoping that will change soon. For now, here are her reviews for Amanita Nightshade.



Toy Review

Amanita Nightshade Accessories


I make an appearance – sort of 😉


While we both have a lot of learning to do when it comes to editing videos and production, we’re just having fun and taking it one day at a time (I cringed when I saw how old my YouTube account was LOL)

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