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Picnic in the Park

I know I complain about living in the country. Truth is, I actually like living in the country. Problem is, I live on the worst street ever. My home, despite its modest 2 acres, faces a highway that connects the smaller towns and is just a couple of miles from the expressway. We tend to get a lot of cross traffic and a lot of noise. I absolutely hate it here. There is nothing peaceful. Nothing relaxing. It’s not country living, that’s for sure.

Maybe someday I’ll move.

Until then, I appreciate what I do have around me, even if I have to take a little drive to get to it.

Mr. YUM and I have been trying to work on our relationship. We’ve been under a lot of stress these last few years with job changes, school, job losses, life changes, and many other things.  Now that the weather is nice I thought it would be a good idea, and extremely budget friendly for us to have a picnic.

picnic backpack

UPDATE: I had a TON of folks asking me about my picnic backpack. I have no idea where it came from. Husband said his mother gave it to him. I was able to find one similar on Amazon if you are interested.

Hiding in the back of the office closet is this cute backpack with picnic items inside. Perfect items for some wine and cheese. I’m aware that most states have an open container law. Pretty sure we are one of them. 😉 Not too sure how folks get around the wine in the picnic basket, but I took a chance. Back in May I was greatly inspired by Kimberly at A Night Owl and her phenomenal collection of mason jar picnic items.

grapes wine cheese

Our picnic backpack had a side compartment just for a wine bottle. I cut up some cheese and placed that in a small jar. I also made up some chicken sandwiches with cheese and some roast beef and cheese. In another set of jars I made some strawberry raspberry shortcake. I made sure to bring the whipped cream with us. I didn’t want my shortcake to get soggy. In another jar I layered a fun salad that we shared. Once our backpack and bag of treasures was packed we headed to the town next door, Frankenmuth.

It’s a quaint, beautiful little German town. Hidden behind the tourist downtown area is a nice boat ramp and park. We picked a slightly shady spot just as the tourist boat was making its way down the water.

bavarian belle

We set the table and enjoyed our food in the fresh air. I brought our bamboo beach blankets. I figured we would need them for laying in the grass. Good thing I brought them as we needed them to use on top of the picnic tables. What a (birds) mess!

picnic table setting matt


I was so happy to be out of this house. Working from home all these years, along with working through both my degrees online has made me somewhat of a hermit. I feel like life has just passed me by.

picnic salad plated

We ate. I pretended like I knew what I was doing with my camera.

picnic in the park eating

And then we ate some more.

picnic in the park wine

I welcomed the hot sun on my face. After our meal we just laid in the grass. Talking about life. Doing nothing at all.

mr yum eating in the park

It was a wonderful feeling. And exactly what I needed.


*****During this week I will be sharing the recipes from our picnic with you. So stay tuned for the shortcake in a jar, salad in a jar, and fancy smancy sandwiches recipes!

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  1. One of those picnic packs would be a great gift for a newlywed. I would love one myself since my family goes on so many picnics at the park and on the beach! It’s great to have it all together in one bag!

    1. I agree! I would like to upgrade to an actual basket at some time so I can pack everything we need in one pack. We had to pack a smaller lunch tote since it did not all fit.

    1. It was so fun! We figured if the area we like to go to gets super busy this summer we can always find a place off the beaten path. Out here in the country there is bound to be something. I would be happy with a picnic in my backyard but we face a busy road. So, its noisy!

  2. My husband has been wanting to go on a picnic for years, but we haven’t done it yet. Maybe this summer. Your little setup looks super cute (and I love foods in jars.)

  3. Who’s that hot male model at the bottom of the post! More importantly, I love reading about food and eating all day!

  4. I envy you! I would love to live in the country. Living in busy South FL is just too crazy sometimes. I would love to be in a quiet place that I could relax and enjoy nature whenever I pleased.

    1. You know what is funny? That I would love to move to FL! I spent most of my life in OK. I hate the dry heat. I am now in MI and although I can appreciate all 4 seasons, winter is a bit much. I have family in FL and would love to end up there someday. But, not in one of the larger cities. No thanks. LOL.

    1. I have no idea where he got it to be honest. He said his mom gave it to him. It had never been used and I found it in the closet shortly after I moved in. That was over 5 years ago and I am just now putting it to use! 😉 I was able to find one on Amazon that is similar : http://amzn.to/1quq2bo

  5. Anything in a mason jar is automatically better! Now I need one of my summer bucketlist dates to be a picnic in the park…its so cute!

  6. That must be rough living so close to all that noise. We used to live near enough to a big interstate to drive us loony! So glad we are in our new home.

    1. I can’t wait to move. The regular traffic isn’t too bad. But one of the towns the highway connects to is about 2 miles up the road and its a tourist town. So, there is traffic all the time. We are also close to 2 other town Interstate exists. More traffic. So we always have tons of car traffic, loud motorcycles and semi trucks all day long. I always tell my husband, too bad we couldn’t just pick up the house and move it around the corner. I do like the house, its a strong sturdy house, but I didn’t pick it. So its a little weird for me at times. It will be nice to have something to call my own – in a quiet spot.

  7. Looks like you weren’t the only one who loved it. 🙂 Relaxing time like that is just what the dr. ordered sometimes. The shortcake looks good!

    1. Life is very stressful for us right now. So it was nice to be able to just get outside. It was also something we really looked forward to after being cooped up all winter.

  8. I think my husband and I need a picnic as well. Picnics are inherently romantic. Sounds like you guys had a great time!

    1. I have books and magazines and even online videos to show me what to do outside of manual settings! I just don’t seem to use them as I should so I go out and about and just ‘do.’ I feel I learn better that way!

  9. These are the best kind of days. Lazy and relaxing and good food. The kind that you tend to remember the most.

  10. I love living in the country but my experience is slightly different from yours. We live on a quite, private lake with just a few neighbors – most of whom are great. But it good that you can appreciate the things you DO like about where you live.

  11. I love picnics! We often have them just for fun in the front yard. The kids will make us a lunch and we will take a blanket and eat cheese sticks and drink whatever they decided to pack usually apple juice. 🙂

  12. I love picnics in the park, but we don’t do it nearly enough. You’ve inspired me to pack a lunch for me and the kids to enjoy together today!

  13. I love the idea of a picnic with the hubby. Leave the phones and everything else behind and just enjoy each other and the outdoors! We take picnics with the boys and it’s not quite the same lol

  14. Picnics are a great way to spend time together and enjoy the weather. Our family likes to picnic all year long. In the winter we have “Scottish picnics” in the car that are always a lot of fun.

  15. It looks like you had a wonderful picnic! And are you talking about Frankenmuth, Michigan? My family and I will be taking a trip up to Michigan sometime in July to visit Cabela’s in Dundee and then going to the Christmas store in Frankenmuth! 🙂

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