Reach Out and Change Lives

Reach Out and Change Lives | Nevermore Lane

In my post about the lost of my life-long friend , Stephanie, I mentioned how I wanted to pay it forward somehow. Sort of a way for her kindness legacy to live on. One of the things that was such a constant in my life was the steady flow of letters, cards, and small gifts that would find their way inside my mailbox over the years. When I was happy, Steph congratulated me. When I was sad, she sent me cards to cheer me up. When I was at my darkest hour she sent cards, small gifts, and long letters full of words of encouragement. She also sent cards for all of the usual holidays, as well as some of the lesser known ones.

I know that my mailbox is going to get lonely. I  know a lot of her friends are sad and wondering how they are going to make it through this. Many of them have reached out to me because Steph talked about me so much over the years. I  thought one way I could pay it forward was to write to these people and show them just a little bit of what Steph gave me over the years and maybe they could find some comfort in that.

I also invited all of you to join. It’s not too late. You can join in at any time. Just shoot me an email me @ chrystalmahan.com

The response has been amazing!

But, I also found myself to be a little unorganized.

One of the first things I needed to do was order a new Address Book. You know what those are, right? 😉 I just love the feel of good paper and pens in my hand so I knew that I wanted to order a physical book instead of entering everything into my iPhone contacts.

This is the one I picked out. It’s called “Keep in Touch” address book.

Reach Out and Change Lives | Nevermore Lane

Isn’t it the cutest? I’m using it just for my pen pals. Although, looking at my old address book that is at least 10 years old, I’m wondering if I should just highlight pen pals in a special way and share the book with all my peeps.

Reach Out and Change Lives | Nevermore Lane

I love the size of this address book. It’s not to small, not too big. When I bought it, I guess I didn’t notice anywhere it said it was spiral bound but I was thrilled when it arrived. It even has an elastic band to hold it all together. That’s perfect for someone like me who tends to toss business cards inside the pages.

I’m pretty excited for this journey. Meeting new people. Getting back to the written word. There’s something about holding a nice pen in my hand. It makes me fall in love with writing all over again.

This process has also given me something new to add to my Awesome Jar!

Are you on a new journey in 2016? Let’s talk.

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  1. I need to get a new address book, I have not updated mine in years. I just keep adding to the old one. I still am not sure what my journey will be this year.

  2. I have moved so many times in the last couple of years that I am pretty sure I know every single one of my friends a new address book. This is a really cute one.

  3. This reminder came at the perfect time. I have people who need cards right now and you’ve reminded me of how important it is. I do think that an address book would help me along – my current system is not working. 🙂

  4. I used to have a really nice address book but somewhere along the way it has disappeared and I am needing a new one. I am going to snag a page out of your friends page and send my girlfriends a card. I miss opening up my mail box and getting something from a loved one instead of a bill.

  5. I love this, but I don’t know if I can write more than a paragraph anymore LOL. I had to fill out a form for one of my kids recently and my hand cramped from all the writing.

  6. My journey for 2016 is to keep improving my blog in several ways. It takes a lot of organization to keep things from slipping through the cracks.

  7. I need to get an address book for a backup. I keep everything on my phone. If i lost the information i should have a hard copy to refer to.

  8. This is indeed a great tribute to your friend and I know it will help many others. It really is a great idea. I love your new address book and will have to check it out for sure. Thanks for sharing with everyone.

  9. Such a great reminder to be more and do more! I long to do amazing things for others and reach out to help others, part of my blog’s mission is to uplift others but I live that way as well! This is a great write up!

  10. I don’t even have an address book. I really need to get one though. I’ll have to look in to this one. I really like the cover of it.

  11. Very cute address book! It is hard to keep track of addresses and such if you don’t already keep them stored in your computer! But we can’t lug that around with us everywhere, so this book would be perfect! So sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Losing someone special in our lives is always hard and there is always a void. I’m glad you found a way to keep in touch with everyone with your new book. I love writing with pen and paper too so I might have to check into getting some pen pals. That would be fun.

  13. It’s so funny to me that what was so common just a few years ago, an address book, now looks so foreign! You are totally right about the value of receiving things in the OLD mail! It’s rare enough that it always brightens someone’s day.

  14. I really like your address book. I need a new one to better keep track of my old friends I keep in touch with via letters.

  15. I recently use the Passion Planner to help me keep check of how my weekly and monthly life is going. I am liking it so far, although I am thinking of creating my own planner for next year, one that is more customized to my needs, which is basically journaling.

    1. I have tried so many different planners over the years and always go back to the Bullet Journal style. I laugh because I was doing that before it was even a thing! I find that a lot of the pre made planners just don’t have the space that I need for all the different things (projects and life) I have going on.

  16. Seriously. I’m so glad to see this and I have been barely using social media or anything and getting back to pen and paper pals. It is so calming and so much better. I’m watching a lot of shows for my research which gives me plenty of time to respond to letters as I take notes. A phone-friend kept me company so I could clean and organize and I found two decades worth of stationery which I am just beginning to use up. Then I’ve got all the extra decorations to use and various envelopes to re-use.

    If this is also the creation of a pen pal circle please count me in!


      1. Oh, groovy! I got the notification and I was like, “Wait, where is this from? I’ve been all over the place.” ha ha! Wow! Love my blog. Sweetness! I don’t hear that often. I shall look for your email. Just having my coffee here, blinking my vampiric-self awake, ha ha!

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