#adultcoloring I’m Back in the Artistic World { and my Top Coloring Book Picks }

#adultcoloring I'm Back in the Artistic World { and my Top Coloring Book Picks } | Nevermore Lane

Break-ups are never easy. Ever. Whether it is mutual or not, it is not easy. I’m learning that going through a break-up is just like going through the mourning process when you lose a loved one. Sadly, I am going through both. I won’t lie y’all; I’ve been struggling a great deal. My life is changing and it’s a very scary thing. I’ve been going through many phases of mourning, both with the divorce, life changes and the loss of my friend. There have been times I have felt like giving up. 

While those feelings often fade, they do scare me given my mental health issues. So, I am proud to say that I am finally back in therapy, starting yet another journey in life.

To battle this, I started to make a list of things I wanted to do in 2016. It’s not a very long list, and I may add to it as time goes on; but for now, it just contains a handful of things.

The first one was to learn sign language. I have not signed up for a class yet, but thanks to Yerdle, I was able to get a beautiful box set of sign language cards (ummm for free!) and I have been practicing with those. If you sign up following my link, you’ll get a $35 credit to shop, too.

Baby steps y’all, baby steps.

Another thing I want to do in 2016 is travel more. Everyone says you can’t let finances determine your travel; in my case, I can. I am by no means a money-making blogger. I was doing really well with yumeating for a while, then, things spiraled out of control. Will I ever get that back? Maybe. But for now, I’m just enjoying the creation process. I have always been a writer and I’ve been blogging for about 20 years now. So, even if I never made a cent, I would still share my world. It’s great therapy for me.

What I would like is to put together a travel club. So, when the time is right, travel will happen. My aunt has been in a travel club for over 25 years now. Every year after tax season they load up and head out. I have always wanted to be a part of something like that.

So, I started JustTraveling.Club  Baby steps here…but at least it is moving. There is also a Facebook group for those who are interested.

#adultcoloring I'm Back in the Artistic World { and my Top Coloring Book Picks } | Nevermore Lane

One more thing I wanted to do was start being artistic again. I was getting there with my Etsy jewelry shop and then life turned upside down. I have been working on a few pieces here and there, but when you are working from old trash and broken scraps to make new, it can be a timely process. I’m not quitting, but I decided to head back to art, too. I started a weekly art journal group but after the death of my life-long friend, I started to fall behind on that. With my mental health issues, if I don’t keep up, I start to feel like a failure. So, now I am just back to doing what I can, when I can.

This led me to dragging out my art supplies and coloring books. I started dabbling in creating my own coloring pages. I’ve put a few of them for sale in my print Etsy shop. I find creating them to be just as therapeutic as coloring them.

At the age of 40, I am on a new journey in life. Some of it I am creating on my own. Some of it is just where life is going to take me. I am scared, but I am also excited to see where my journey takes me. 


Interested in Coloring? Here are a Few Books and Supplies to Get You Started.

#adultcoloring I'm Back in the Artistic World { and my Top Coloring Book Picks } | Nevermore Lane

1. Nevermore Lane print shop  (my shop)

2. The Time Garden  (my review post)

3. Dream Catcher : Life on Earth  (amazon)

4. Color Me Calm  (amazon)

5. Swear Word   (amazon)

6. Harry Potter (amazon)

7. Fiskars 49-piece Gel Pen (amazon)

8. PrismaColor Color Pencils (amazon) (These are a life-long favorite of mine!)

9. Enchanted Zen Studio ( one of my favorite coloring page Etsy shops)

10. Don’t forget all the free coloring page printables found on Pinterest!

Are you a coloring fan? What’s your favorite??

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  1. I want to travel more, too. We have 2 family trips planned, but I want to go away with just me & my husband.

  2. I am not a huge coloring fan, which I think is funny since I love to draw. I might actually have to buy one of these though because I will be going on a long flight and I need stuff to do!

  3. I have heard such great things about adult coloring books for stress relief and relaxation, I always enjoyed coloring with the kids, so this is a hobby I should look into.

  4. I bet learning sign language will be so rewarding. I didn’t realize there were so many kinds of adult coloring books. I’ll have to check out the pages on your Etsy.

  5. I love the goals that you have set for yourself! As for the coloring books … I LOVE TO COLOR! I have been doing this for years as a way to destress, decompress, and reduce anxiety. I can’t believe how this has taken off as a “thing” now. It took long enough! 😉

  6. I have two adult coloring books but I think I need more coloring pens and pencils. I cannot believe I could come up with beautiful pieces! These coloring books really bring out our finer side, and it is truly relaxing!

  7. I love this new trend of coloring for adults. My local library actually has a night each week where they host an Adult Coloring Group. I’ve always felt that being creative helps me when I am going through a tough spot in life.

    1. That is awesome. I wish my local library had this. I love the adult color trend because it means I can get away from the kids coloring books for a while!

  8. I love the adult coloring books. I have a couple of them. I’ve always loved to color, so it’s nice that they made ones that are more for adults.

  9. I have a few adult coloring books and when I find myself bored, I pull one out and it keeps me busy for such a long time. My 8 year old enjoys them as well!

  10. I got a coloring book for Christmas. It was excellent therapy after I had my back surgery when I couldn’t do a ton of things because I had to lay flat.I am still coloring when I have a chance, it is an excellent stress reliever.

    I’m sorry your having a difficult time. Divorce is so tough. Been there done that. When I got divorced, I discovered it to be similar to a death with the exception that they are still here but not in your life. You have to grieve the loss of the relationship. Take your time as you deal with your divorce.

  11. I have a few adult coloring books now. It is a great way to relax and be creative. I would recomend it to everyone.

  12. Those coloring pages are so nice!
    A friend of mine was working on them on the weekend, and she really liked them. Doing something like that is a great stress reliever and it helps to occupy your mind so that there is little room left to think about the sadder things going on around you.

  13. I am most definitely a coloring fan and can’t believe I haven’t indulged in an adult coloring book yet. I’ve got plenty of crafts right now to keep me busy. Good luck on your journey!!!

  14. I absolutely love coloring and am excited that this is now a trend for adults. A library near met actually has a mommy’s coloring night out.

  15. I love coloring and I used to color a lot with my son when he was little. I’ve never tried coloring those adult coloring books though. Would love to.

  16. I saw a huge display at Michael’s with them and they look really fun! I need a box of crayons and I’d be into it!

  17. Hugs to you honey, I’m sorry your having a rough time. Coloring does seem to ease the mind and keep you busy. It’s very relaxing to me.

  18. I have always wanted to look into adult coloring books. I have anxiety badly and I think this would really help!

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