48 Creative Ideas for Valentine’s Day

As a writer sometimes I get plagued with writer’s block. Most writers hate it. I don’t blame them. Sometimes I don’t mind it because that is just my brains way of screaming, “I need a break!” I’ll go read or find something else to do. In time, my thoughts come back without much of a fight.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it might be a challenge for some folks to sit down and compose a post. Perhaps you are single and the big day just makes you want to spew vomit. Perhaps you are similar to me and feel that you should be shown love all the time, not just once a  year. Or, perhaps it’s a bit too Hallmarky these days for you.

Whatever the problem (or not,) sometimes it is just hard to come up with a topic for Valentine’s Day without sounding so mushy gushy that you push readers away instead of bringing them around.

If you are writing about food – well, people will come anyway. 😉

Here are 5 Skinny Valentine’s Day Recipes that your readers (or your Valentine) is sure to love.

Along with that I have 25 Valentine’s Day healthy food alternatives to chocolate.

If you are not writing about food or in need of creating something homemade for your Valentine, here are 10 Valentine’s Day Creative writing prompts; bring love forward.  These are great for a blog post or a homemade card for someone special.

How about 8 more Valentine’s Day writing prompts to help you out?

I hope as you make your way through the links (all my content, by the way) that you will find something useful to use this year!

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  1. I would go in the ideas of Alternative for Chocolates. Thanks for the wonderful ideas i need to pass this to all my friends

  2. Those are all fun. My hubby and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day at all, but the kids have to bring valentines into school!

  3. My husband and I are on a healthy eating plan right now. I need to check out those healthy alternatives to chocolate.

  4. I am single and while the day does not make me want to vomit, it can make a single girl feel a little lonely and left out. I’ll probably focus on self-love and self-care around that time. Thanks for the writing prompts.

  5. I have kids so I like Valentine’s Day. If I didn’t, I would care less about it though, it’d be just another (glorious, but normal) day.

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