Silverware Tray 5-Minute Clean-Up

5 minute clean upMany moons ago I was fluttering around Blogland when I came across Mommys Pinkie Lipgloss and her post for a Silverware Tray Makeover. The post was pretty inspiring. I don’t know about you but my silverware trays don’t take long to get all dirty and nasty. I live in an old farmhouse with equally as old cabinets. Every time you close a drawer wood shavings make their way into the drawer or cabinet below. It’s annoying. And there are things I tend to get pretty lazy about and let me tell you taking the time to clean out drawers and cabinets is one of them. 

Well, Michelle’s post gave me an idea. I didn’t have any pretty duct tape on hand so I did something a little different. Forget the soap and water. Forget the sloshing around. Who has time for that anyway? Just scoot the silverware over , stick some tape down, pull it up and whammo! No more grodies in the corners.

silverware quick clean


5 minute fix.

I have 2 silverware containers. One in the top drawer for our regular eating utensils and one in the second drawer right under it for organization of our various tools like pizza cutters (we have 3) and ice cream scooper ( we have 4.) I mean really, why do we need so many of the same thing?? I have another drawer by the cooktop that has all our spatulas  and other cooking spoons. I got tired of not being able to organize it so I created my on utensil holder.  I’m all about these 5-minute projects.


What are some quick-fixes around your home you are proud of?


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  1. Wow, you’re good. I usually just throw mine out every few years and buy a new one. But then again, I buy the cheap ones that only cost a few dollars, so it’s easier to just buy a new one than invest any time into cleaning our dirty one.

  2. I use soap and water – the tape is a good idea. I like your idea of using a tray for odd shaped items – I am going to give that a try -so often the small pieces are hidden in the corners of the drawer making them impossible to find.

  3. My kitchen is so unorganized. It’s actually my husband that will organize it for me a few times a year. Then I mess it all up again. I can usually clean and organize my bathroom and closet pretty quickly. That’s my quick fix.

  4. That sure is a time saver. I tend to just dump all the dishes out and throw mine in the dishwasher every few months, but will be sure to remember this for a quick fix in the future!

  5. I love using baskets to help organize my closets and drawers. I really like your tip with the tape for getting the crumbs. Thanks for reminding me it is time to reorganize my cutlery drawers.

  6. I can’t believe I’ve been washing mine (although, I do like Robin and buy new ones about ever 1.5 – 2 years) when I could have been doing this!

  7. LOL! That is very clever. With 4 kiddos our silverware sometimes disappears! LOL! SO that is how we end up with so much.

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