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A (frugal) Irish Wedding

In case you missed the news – I am getting married!

I have some photos of my bargain wedding shopping that I wanted to share, but I am going to have to sort through the photos and put a post together. I *cross fingers* should have that done tomorrow.

We have been trying to figure out what to do about a dress. I am starting to be very picky about what I want. I feel I am entitled. The thing is I bought a dress and cape last year. Irish green velvet and silver satin. I love it. For some reason I felt I did not want to wear it since we were no longer getting married at the castle. Instead we have decided to marry at our church. I guess I felt my dress was not fancy enough for a church wedding. Even though I can use it for Renaissance Festivals, I still want to use it for the intended purpose.

Now I am on a mission to find some nice cord for the hand tying as well as some nice fancy border ribbon (I have no idea what you really call it) or some cording to put on my dress to fancy it up a bit. Maybe even a nice silver tie belt would be nice too. I guess I just don’t see the point on spending money for another dress.

This is my dress:

As you can see, it is simple.

I would like to find some fancy border ribbon like on this dress:

I am on a mission to prove that a budget Irish wedding can be done.

Last year we purchased paper and envelopes for the invitations, that was $40. We still have the envelopes and one pack of the paper. We did print some last year, right before we changed our date. I can use the envelopes, but I am not sure yet what I am going to do with the paper. We purchased paper that looked like old scroll paper. I have many friends that live far away that will not be able to come, I may still use that for their invitations.

I looked on Vistaprint and found a really nice Celtic design wedding invitation, I just have not ordered them yet.

So far I am up to:

  • My dress and cape $100
  • Shoes $40
  • Bride and Groom glasses $5
  • 2 Irish flags $10
  • 2 Scotland flags $10
  • Dress pattern (for another I liked) $5
  • lil m’s dress , shoes and basket  $20
  • Deposit on the church $100, balance for church and reception $500
  • Reception food Free as it is being catered by my mom
  • Wedding cake is Free as my aunt is making it
  • Irish garter $1.99

I decided to make my own photo album, guest book, and card box. I have photos of the things I have found so far. I am getting some Celtic charms to put on the glasses and the cake server and knife set I found as well as the guest book and album. I will share those tomorrow. I think I am doing quite well with my budget. Only a few more things I need to pick up.

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  1. Congratulations, my friend! I am so pleased to hear the frugality, which can be fun. Okay, now the main thing that I have told a ton of people after my own marriage is: the honeymoon is important. It is important because even the “lightest” wedding takes a ginormous toll upon your nerves. The honeymoon isn’t necessarily a means to wild romance, it is a time of rest. You will need the rest, I assure you. No one warned me, so I feel the need to bestow my hard-earned gleanings to those who have not been married yet. Cheers!

    1. Thank you my friend! But, I am not getting married 😉 I was cleaning up the website and saw there was some old posts that were in draft mode for some reason and ended up posting them and off they went to my email list. Oye. I am making a lot of changes on this site and in life…but marriage isn’t one of them. <3

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